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Lena Bright (レナ・ブライト) is the wife of Cassius Bright and mother of Estelle Bright.



Lena is shown in Estelle's flashbacks as a woman with long brown hair and violet eyes. She wears a mauve colored gown, decorated with white ruffles.


Lena was known for her kindness and strong spirit. Even her husband, hailed as the strongest bracer in Liberl, was no match for her indomitable spirit. She is described by her daughter as gentle yet brave. For these reasons, she was not only Estelle's mother, but she was her role model and heroine figure as well.


During the Imperial Army of Erebonia's occupation of Rolent, the aggressors fought back the Royal Army of Liberl's counteroffensive and bombarded the Rolent Clock Tower. To protect Estelle from the falling rubble, Lena sacrificed her life to protect Estelle.

Cassius, a colonel with the Royal Army at the time, blamed himself for not being there to protect his family. He retired from the army in S.1193 and pursued a career as a bracer so protect Estelle, for whom Lena had given her life.

Trails in the Sky SC

Lena appears in the illusion Estelle is shown by Luciola during her experiments with the Gospel's ability to affect the human mind.