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Leo E. Lorentz (レオ・E・ローレンツ) is a Jenis Royal Academy graduate and served as student council secretary and accountant during school year S.1201.[1]


Leo is a rigid and pragmatic person, and a stickler to the campus rules. As a student, he's very observant, capable and dedicated, and because of this students mistake him as the real council president. He is also matter-of-fact about conversations, saying only what's necessary to get his point across.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Leo enrolled at the prestigious Jenis Royal Academy in Liberl, where he volunteered as the student council's secretary and accountant. Much of his time in the student council was trying to find the council's president, Lechter Arundel, who would avoid meetings and his responsibilities.

Trails of Cold Steel

Leo re-appears in Trails of Cold Steel as the author ("E. Lorentz") of the book, The Reinford Group: Past to Present.




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