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Leonhardt (レオンハルト), also known as the Bladelord (剣帝(けんてい)) or among friends as Loewe (レーヴェ), was Enforcer No. II of Ouroboros.



Leonhardt is a tall man with bright silver hair and lavender eyes . He wears a long grey-brown coat with a high collar over a black shirt and grey trousers. He also wears shoes with a red protective covering and a matching red belt around his waist. Around his neck is a red choker from which a medallion hangs. Loewe uses the Divergent Laws sword Kernviter in combat: a gold and bronze coloured blade with an intricate design and unique blade shape.


Leonhardt is a cool yet serious individual who maintains an emotionless mask.In his youth, Leonhardt was a kind individual who maintained a strong belief in justice. He acted like a brother to Joshua and was deeply in love with Karin Astray. However, when the Tragedy of Hamel occurred, Leonhardt became betrayed by his beliefs and the world.

As a result of the corruption and hypocrisies surrounding the event and the turnabout of the Hundred Days War, Leonhardt grew embittered and became angry towards the world and its people, in particular its political and military leaders. Deciding to use this anger against it, he joined Ouroboros.

Despite all that has happened, Leonhardt is still cares for Joshua for Karin's sake; even though Joshua knows that Leonhardt could easily kill him, he reasons that he refrains from doing so out of pity. He heavily despises Weissmann for turning Joshua into a weapon, but puts up with him nevertheless. He also respects his teacher, Arianrhod.

He takes pride in his alias, the Bladelord, showcasing his immense skill with a sword. He is still collected enough to concede defeat even if he can still fight, and dislikes dishonorable conduct.



Leonhardt honing his sword skills (Loewe Monogatari: Sora no Kiseki Gaiden, Chapter 1).

Loewe was born and raised in the Southern Erebonian village of Hamel, where he enjoyed a peaceful childood. To protect the world from injustice, Leonhardt diligently practised sword training to join the Bracer Guild. Over time he befriended fellow Hamel villagers Karin Astray and her brother, Joshua. The feelings he developed for Karin were mutual and Leonhardt swore to protect both her and her brother. Karin would often play the old Erebonian folksong "The Whereabouts of Light" for Leonhardt with Joshua sitting on his lap.

Leonhardt waking up to Hamel ablaze (Loewe Monogatari: Sora no Kiseki Gaiden, Chapter 1).

Main article: Hamel Tragedy

One night in the spring of S.1192, Leonhardt woke up to the screams of fellow villagers and the smell of Hamel ablaze. Jumping out of the window, Leonhardt hurried toward Karin and Joshua, who were corned by one of the invading jaeger drop-outs. He urged Karin and Joshua to run away from the village as far as possible as he tried to hold off the opposing forces.While his opponents did not stand a chance against Leonhardt's excellent skills with a sword, the act of having to actually kill the people who attacked his hometown—seemingly out of nowhere—made him sick in the stomach.When he finally caught up with Karin and Joshua, he found her mortally wounded with a deep cut diagonally across her back. Asking him to look after Joshua, Karin died in his arms. Leonhardt and Joshua were the only two survivors of the attack, which led to the start of the Hundred Days War.

Karin Astray's death as depicted in Loewe Monogatari: Sora no Kiseki Gaiden, Chapter 4.

Upon the realisation that the Erebonian government initiated the attack on Hamel, Leonhardt barged into the Imperial government's office and questioned their motives. Unimpressed, the military officer warned him that they could still easily finish what they started by killing the two remaining inhabitants of Hamel. Together with the heart-broken Joshua, he returned to Hamel. Facing the reality that nothing of his hometown remained, he collapsed to his knees and loudly wondered how this could have happened.


Campanella's projection of the Liber Ark (Loewe Monogatari: Sora no Kiseki Gaiden, Chapter 3).

Out of nowhere, Ouroboros Enforcer No. 0 Campanella appeared behind him and asked him whether Leonhardt would like to learn the answer to his questions. Campanella explained the Tragedy was caused by the weakness in humans and projected a vision of the Liber Ark on the ground, clarifying that by using the power of the Aureole mankind managed to create a paradise in the sky. Campanella said his cause is looking for the Aureole in Liberl.

The very moment Campanella asked him to join him in his search, two jaegers appeared out of nowhere and surrounded them. Leaving Joshua in Campanella's care, he killed both mercenaries in a single strike as Campanella welcomed him to Ouroboros. The Grandmaster of Ouroboros informed Anguis No. VII, Arianrhod, that carnage had been born.

Both Leonhardt and Joshua started working as Enforcers for Ouroboros, often in collaboration with Renne. Soon after joining, Anguis No. III, Georg Weissmann, offered to help him mend Joshua's heart. When Joshua finally returned from Weissmann's training, he saw a ruthless killer rather than the enthusiastic boy he once knew.

The next day, Campanella showed up during the tea party with Renne and Joshua on the backside of the tree Leonhardt was resting against. He thanked him for his worked and passed on the Grandmaster's gratitude as well. Insisting there was someone looking forward to meet him, Campanella introduced Leonhardt to Arianrhod, who invited him to a sword duel.

Arianrhod snapping Leonhardt's blade in two (Loewe Monogatari: Sora no Kiseki Gaiden, Chapter 4).

It was a brief duel, with Arianrhod avoiding Leonhardt's attack and planting herself on top of him. As she thrusted her sabre down toward Leonhardt's face, he shielded himself using his own sword. Due to Arianrhod's sheer strength, his sword snapped in two. Arianrhod stood up and informed him that next time they would duel, she would be using her actual weapon: a spear. While Leonhardt came to the realisation that he still had ample room for growth left, Arianrhod requested him a new sword from her Grandmaster and suggested the Kernviter.

Learning that Joshua failed his mission to assassinate Cassius Bright, Leonhardt lost his patience and demanded an explanation from Georg Weissmann as to why Joshua was sent alone—on an impossible mission. Weissmann explains that the real purpose of his mission was to get taken in by Cassius and leak information on his whereabouts to Ouroboros as a spy. Frustrated, Leonhardt ran away from his conversation with Weissmann.

Leonhardt accepting the Kernviter (Loewe Monogatari: Sora no Kiseki Gaiden, Chapter 5).


When Arianrhod stumbled upon the flustered Leonhardt in a hallway, she invited him to the Celestial Globe so he could receive the Kernviter, his replacement sword, from the Grandmaster directly. Before he accepted the sword, however, Arianrhod stopped him and informed him about the conditions of accepting the sword.

She states the the Grandmaster's Law dictates that Enforcers have total freedom and he thus has the option to accept the sword. The sword, she continues, holds strength that transcends human reason and that by accepting, he will be reborn as carnage, unable to return to his human self.

Concluding that if he cannot return he has to go forward, Leonhardt accepts the Kernviter (魔剣ケルンバイター), forged through Divergent Laws, which is capable of cutting through everything, including the powers of Sept-Terrions.

Along with McBurn and Arianrhod, Loewe destroyed the Order of the Moonlight Horse in S. 1197. Some of the Order's members then joined Ouroboros, including Sharon Kreuger, the Golden Butterfly and the Thousand Oathbreaker.


To initiate the Gospel Plan drafted by the Grandmaster, Leonhardt started working for Colonel Alan Richard of the Royal Army of Liberl's Intelligence Division. Under his alias Lorence Belgar (ロランス・ベルガー), commander of the Jesters, he fulfilled tasks assigned to him. Richard himself, however, was struggling with his position as Cassius Bright's successor and with how to preserve the peace in Liberl with its position between Erebonia and Calvard. He asked Lorence to work directly under him.

On behalf of Weissmann, who henceforth disguised himself as the archaeologist Professor Alba, Lorence submitted the proposal of an investigation of the Aureole, which would surely grant Richard the power to protect Liberl from any incoming attacks. Professor Alba was invited to discuss the proposal. On his way out, Leonhardt witnessed him manipulating Richard to set the Gospel Plan into motion. The next day, Richard asks Lorence to look for said Aureole.

Leonhardt, supported by Georg Weissmann, interrogating the hypnotised Kurt Nardin (Loewe Monogatari: Sora no Kiseki Gaiden, Chapter 8).

Trails in the Sky FC

When Leonhardt under his alias of Lorence reported back to Richard that the Gospel had been stolen by a bracer, he was ordered to get it back. Using Weissmann's manipulative powers to hypnotize Kurt Nardin, Leonhardt started his interrogation. Mindlessly, Kurt stated his name and position as a B-rank bracer and that, indeed, he had been sent by Cassius Bright to take back the Gospel and passed it on again wrapped as a parcel.

The interrogation ended with Weissmann concluding that he would get additional information through Joshua and that Cassius needs to be out of the country for the Gospel Plan to succeed.

Leonhardt, under the guise of Lorence is then seen at multiple points throughout Trails in the Sky FC, conversing with Ouroboros' other puppets or manipulating the situation for his benefit. Mostly he acts as a messenger and even confronts Agate Crosner at one point.

During the Martial Arts Tournament in the Grand Arena in the City of Grancel, Leonhardt ended up fighting against Joshua, alongside Estelle Bright, Olivier Lenheim and Zin Vathek, in the finale. Joshua recognized the fighting style, but did not dare to ask for the identity of Lorence.

Leonhardt, removing his mask for the first time is then last found fighting Estelle and her group when they came to reclaim the Queen and her Castle. After being defeated in battle, Leonhardt informs the group of the remaining possibility of stopping Colonel Richard below and lets slip a mention of Hamel Village, which Queen Alicia recognizes before getting away by jumping off of the balcony.

Trails in the Sky SC


Leonhardt is first seen rudely greeting Campanella in a unknown location. He then tells Campanella that all of the required members have been assembled including Bleublanc. Campanella then asks about "Him (Joshua Bright)" and Leonhardt replies that he has since long left the organisation and that he's unlikely to be a threat. Disagreeing, Weissmann approaches and greets Campanella and Leonhardt.

Leonhardt is next seen meeting with Bleublanc on the rooftop of one of Ruan's warehouses. Leonhardt then asks about Bleublanc's report, but Bleublanc wants to savor the scene a bit more. Leonhardt calls Bleublanc hopeless and tells him that he is allowed to pursue his hobbies so long as they don't interfere with the plan. Leonhardt states that he is not sure about the full potential of the Gospel, but according to the professor, this is just the tip of its miracles and more experiments are to come. Leonhardt suddenly senses something, drawing his sword. The two of them then call the "mouse" out, but are interrupted by the sound of a drunk's voice. Sheathing their weapons, the two tell the mouse that they were lucky and depart the area.

In the Nebel Valley, Leonhardt and Weissmann enter a cave. Weisman enslaves the dragon with a gospel unit and leaves it within Leonhardt's care to conduct the experiment. A short while later, Leonhardt rides into Bose on Ragnard and lands on the market. He address Estelle and her party , introducing his true identity. Afetr the dragon breathes fire and destroys the market, Leonhardt denies he is here to burn the city down and jumps on the dragon's back and flies off.

After Leonhardt leaves Bose, he then inadvertantly launches an attack on Ravennue Village's Orchards using an out of control Ragnard. Regaining control, Leonhardt then takes Ragnard to Ravennue Mine to get him back under control. Agate soon appears, having rushed after him. Leonhardt comments on how the two are quite alike which angers Agate and the two fight. Leonhardt easily disables Agate and breaks his sword in two while berating Agate's motivations and stating the difference in their reasons for fighting. The rets of the party soon arrive, which Tita shielding Agate as Agate tries to continue fighting down and Leonhardt prepares to cut him down. After Tita's heartfelt pleas, Leonhardt sheaths his sword and prepares to depart as the Royal Army arrive and fire on the dragon. Leonhardt warns Estelle about the next stage of the plan as he flies away.

With the experiment complete, Leonhardt apparently abandoned Ragnard to its own actions and reported the results to Weissmann. When freed, Ragnard revealed that Leonhardt had kept it in check by restraining the amount of damage it did. Leonhardt approaches Agate and Morgan who are at the Ravennue grave to pay his respects. when questioned, Leonhardt explains that he was just trying to conduct a proper experiment, and sileneces Morgan by mentioning Hamel.

Axis Pillar

Leonhardt is the last of the Enforcers stationed at the Axis Pillar, where he listened to Estelle's reasoning and was content with the conviction he felt behind her words, before Joshua stepped up to challenge him. Although impressed by their conviction, Joshua knew that it would not be enough and that they would have to prove their conviction was stronger than his if they were to pass. Despite his efforts, he was initially defeated, but got back up as he had reached "enlightenment". Joshua challenged Leonhardt to a one-on-one fight, having sensed the recent battle had weakened him. During the fight, Joshua in turn asked Leonhardt why he was still working with Weissman. Leonhardt explained that man had to answer for their failings, and that the Aureole would bring back the light that was desperately needed. Joshua stated that he was delusional and proclaimed that the company of others were what made man strong, landing a powerful blow that staggered Leonhardt and knocked the sword out of his hands.

Leonhardt was impressed with Joshua's resolve and conceded defeat, stating that he no longer had a reason to work for Ouroboros. The two embraced and Leonhardt thanked Estelle for saving Joshua and Renne, as he felt that he could have never done so himself. Weissman, somewhat annoyed that they did not "properly" defeat Leonhardt, teleported in and blasted him from behind. A gravely injured Leonhardt informed them to use the elevator in the back.

After destroying the two Reverie Dragons, the group soon descended to catch up but were ambushed by more archaisms, but Loewe soon called his own Reverie Dragon to eliminate them. He then proceeded to the Core to help Estelle out. Although he had stated before he had no interest in fighting Weissman, who had this time used the Aureole to transform into a monster, his dishonourable attack earlier was something he would not tolerate, and asked if Weissman had played a role in the Tragedy of Hamel. Weissman confirmed his suspicions, which enraged him. He was able to break through the barrier as the Kernviter was part of the Divergent Laws, but Weissman soon launched a counterattack that mortally wounded him. Leonhardt told the group to take advantage of the opening he made.

After the Aureole disappeared, the four then checked on Leonhardt. Joshua was visibly traumatized that he was going to lose his friend after getting him back, trying in vain to keep him alive. Leonhardt knew that he would die soon, and asked Estelle to take care of Joshua for him. Estelle promised to do so, allowing Leonhardt to die in peace, comparing it to how Karin had died, much to Joshua's horror. Due to the collapsing Ark, Joshua was forced to leave Leonhardt's body behind, but took Kernviter before paying his final respects.

The Kernviter was brought to Karin's grave at Hamel, where Joshua laid it in front of the gravestone as a memento from Leonhardt. He commented on how they were now reunited with each other in death. Many people who had been acquainted with Leonhardt (and his aliases) also mourned his death, showing that Leonhardt was well-respected. They would occasionally visit Hamel to pay their respects at his grave.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Leonhardt also appeared in Phantasma as the Schwarzritter. He wore a mask as a result of Joshua's initial inability to accept his death. As the Schwarzritter, he served the Lord of Phantasma and confronted the group on a whim. Leonhardt was eventually confronted by Kevin, Joshua, Richard and Olivier, where he was assisted by a D-Phantom. Despite this, he was eventually defeated and his mask snapped. Leonhardt informed them that the Lord of Phantasma would not be an easy opponent before he faded away.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Following the spread of the Great Twilight, the demon Bennu corrupted the area around Hamel. After Bennu was defeated and its presence was purged from the area. Leonhardt briefly communicated with the group, happy to see "familiar faces" once more and recognized Rean Schwarzer as an Eight Leaves One Blade user. He reminded the group that the real fight was about to begin, and that they shouldn't lose focus of their goals.


Trails in the Sky FC and SC

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Other Media


  • Loewe (spelled as Löwe nowadays) means "lion" in German. In the fifth chapter of SC, he remarks that he didn't choose the name for himself, but he accepts it as what he is called.
  • Loewe is the only known Enforcer who is deceased. All others are active, on hiatus, or quit.
  • In Trails of Cold Steel II, when McBurn first summoned his Divergent Laws weapon, the Angbar, he noted that it was "paired with" Loewe's weapon, the Kernviter, also a weapon forged by the Divergent Laws.
  • Leonhardt's corresponding Tarot (II-The High Priestess) not only matches his vision and character arc, but could also be said to represent Karin, the woman he dedicated his life to changing the world for, with almost-fanatical devotion.



  1. At the time of the Hamel Tragedy, Joshua, born on S.1185/12/20, was 6 years old and Ash Carbide was 3 years old, suggesting that the 16-year-old Leonhardt was born in S.1175 or S.1176.[1]


  1. Trails of Cold Steel IV, Act 2: "Guiding Starlight", 08/26.