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Leonora (レオノーラ) is a student in Class VIII of the Thors Branch Campus in Trails of Cold Steel III.



Leonora is a young woman with a tan from her days at sea, amber eyes and and long green hair with is tied into a high ponytail that reaches down to her back. She wears the standard female uniform of the Branch Campus, a blue blazer, waistcoat and white shirt and skirt. Leonora also wears brown thigh high leather boots with laces all the way up and a thick belt around her waist.

Leonora uses an orbal rifle in combat.


Leonora sees herself as an older sister who has to look after her fellow classmates. She always offers her help and encouragement to everyone and supports them to achieve their best. She is immensely proud of her time in the White Whales and is ashamed and frustrated to hear that one of her former comrades is letting their reputation down. In her free time she loves swimming.

She describes men like Randy Orlando, Agate Crosner and Michael Irving (if he wasn't so stubborn) as her 'type.


Leonara used to be part of an escort fleet, the White Whales (銀鯨). It was one of many pirate fleets of the time that was hired to protect commercial fleets, and this earned them the association of 'jaegars of the sea'. The government dismantled the fleet after the October War. They walked hand in hand with danger, but Leonora says this just made them more united.

Trails of Cold Steel III

She enrolls at the Thors Branch Campus in S.1206 and is placed in Class VIII: Combat Tactics. Leonora joins and is the captain of, the Branch Campus Swimming team, where she provides a great amount of of support and encouragement to Altina Orion. She doesn't think that the academy is as intense or comfortable as the fleet, but it isn't bad by her words either.

Rean helps Leonora to study about history topics she isn't familiar with, which is most things not involving the sea. She also duels and loses to Rean in a Soldat battle. during training exercises.

While in Ordis, Leonora visits some of the taverns she used to frequent and cannot but think of her old comrades on the sea, one of which is involved in illegal activities including extortion and makes her ashamed and frustrated. Leonora is asked to help get through to an old comrade from the escort fleet, Herman, who is seven years her junior and one of their best fighters. She is called in at the blockade put up and states Herman has met his match and berates him for his refusal to let the highs of the past go.

Trails of Cold Steel IV

After the Great Twilight, Leonora travelled to Ordis. She is met again in Miranda's tavern. She says she was marked down and has not been able to move around much, rewgretting that she couldn't come and join the battle around Alster. She is able to pass on rumours about Towa's captivity in the mansion however. She comes to their aid in the waterways later on.

During the preparations for the Great War, Leonora and Shirley get into an argument on the beach. Rean intercedes and they all decide to settle things with a swimming race to half the distance of Bryonia Island and back. It ends up in Leonora's victory.

Leonora joins the crew onboard the Courageous II and is asked to be the assistant pilot. In Mishelam, she hangs around with Altina.

Trails into Reverie

Leonora attends the Branch Campus Academy Festival. Leonora is helping to plan it with Stark and Ash as part of the executive committee. She gives directions and checks up on her swimming club. At the end, Leonora is selected to join the student council as club supervisor. Leonora is also at the tasting session for the Imperial wedding, and has the chance to try Freddy's food.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel III

Leonora Note (Sen III).png
Class VIII: Combat Tactics (Swimming Club)
Has a casual way of talking and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Easygoing and friendly, she gets along well with nearly anyone.
Big Sister
Known as Leo to her friends, she can't stop herself from lending a helping hand to anyone in need.
Silver Whale
Former member of the Silver Whale escort fleet, before they were disbanded. Whipped her former crewmate back into shape.

Leonora Note (Sen III).png

気の良い性格で、多くの生徒と交流を 持っているようだ。


誰もが認める姐御肌。困っている人がいれば 自然と手を差し伸べてしまう性分のようだ。


護衛船団《銀鯨》の元団員。船団への未練から 道を間違えた兄貴分の根性を叩き直した。

Trails of Cold Steel IV

Leonora Note (Sen III).png
Class VIII: Combat Tactics
Has a casual way of talking and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Easygoing and friendly, she gets along well with nearly anyone.
Old Comrades
Leonora helped rein in Herman, whom she served with in the Silver Whale fleet. Her skills have improved since those days.
Sea Jaeger
During a clash with Shirley, Rean suggested they settle things with a swimming contest. They eventually reached an understanding.

Leonora Note (Sen III).png



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