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Liber Ark Tunnels 2, also known as Tunnel No. 125 is one of the tunnels connecting the districts of the Liber Ark, connecting the Cradle Residential Block with the Factoria Industrial Block.

Trails in the Sky SC


Estelle and Joshua open the gate for these tunnels from the Cradle Station No. 35, making use of an original Gospel obtained thanks to Kloe's direct descendancy from Celeste D. Auslese, a citizen of the Liber Ark, head of the project to seal the Aureole and progenitor of the Monarchy of Liberl.


Map 1

Map 2

Map 3


Treasure Chests

Key Contents Chest Quote
1 Boots (Sora Item).png Hermes Gear Monsters: Phenomenon, Weatherseed - Version 1 ×2, Dark Lamp ×3
Hey, I know you had high hopes for this chest,
but it's empty. Don't worry about it, though!
Maybe the next one will have something great.
2 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).png Earth, Water, Fire, Wind sepith ×100 The chest sure is empty. Yep.
3 Gauntlets (Sora Weapon).png Briarios I'm sorry, did you misunderstand something?
Only one item per person. Now go away.
4 Potion (Sora Item).png Celestial Balm I'M SO GLAD YOU CHECKED THIS CHEST. I'm you,
from the future, and I came back in time and
worked on this game so I could warn you about--
5 Wind (Sora Quartz).png Wind Gem The chest is empty, but the woodwork is
6 Potion (Sora Item).png Celestial Balm How would you like it if some random chest
kept opening you?
7 Greatsword (Sora Weapon).png Lion King's Sword You open the chest to see a man's face
just smiling at you. Unsettled, you back away
and close the lid. Let's not open that one again.
8 Boots (Sora Item).png Persetear Hey, you. Yeah, you. Stop reading all these chest
messages and get on with playing the game!