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Liber Ark Tunnels 3, also known as Tunnel No. 246 is one of the tunnels connecting the districts of the Liber Ark, connecting the Factoria Industrial Block with the Axis Pillar.

Trails in the Sky SC


Estelle and Joshua open the gate for these tunnels from the Factoria Station No. 7, making use of the Gospel and a password set by Ouroboros' tampering, which Kyle Capua was able to provide after the Capua Family are rescued from the Glorious.

After the Aureole's disappearance, the Liber Ark begins collapsing and the Halo Rails stop functioning. A section of these tunnels collapses while Estelle and Joshua were lagging behind the rest of the group, leaving them stranded and in need of a different escape route.


Map 1

Map 2

Map 3


Treasure Chests

Key Contents Chest Quote
1 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).pngTime (Sora Sepith).pngSpace (Sora Sepith).pngMirage (Sora Sepith).png All sepith ×100 You came back! *BLUSH*
2 Potion (Sora Item).png Curia Balm Somewhere out there is a person who started
playing Trails in the Sky Second Chapter before
the first game. I bet they're very confused.
3 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge II Could just be your imagination,'s empty.
4 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge III This chest is empty. You looted it already.
This is a haiku.
5 Boots (Sora Item).png Spiegel Shoes Monsters: Kailash Gray, Ebony Scale ×2, Brute Angler ×2
Sorry, better luck next time.
6 Potion (Sora Item).png Celestial Balm Disappointed by the lack of treasure, you briefly
consider carving a heart and some initials into
the chest. But whose?
7 Potion (Sora Item).png Curia Balm You flip open the lid, knowing full well you won't
find anything. You're still somehow disappointed
by the result.
8 Wind (Sora Quartz).png Wood Gem Looks like another open-and-shut case!
9 Earth (Sora Sepith).pngWater (Sora Sepith).pngFire (Sora Sepith).pngWind (Sora Sepith).pngTime (Sora Sepith).pngSpace (Sora Sepith).pngMirage (Sora Sepith).png All sepith ×100 Nya-ha! Made you look!
10 Water (Sora Quartz).png Water Gem The chest is empty. You're struck by the urge
to climb inside and take a nap.
11 Potion (Sora Item).png S-Tablet Back in the good ol' days, this required KEYS to
12 Potion (Sora Item).png Curia Balm At the bottom of the chest you find only crumbs.
Briefly wondering how long a chest like this
would keep food fresh for, you walk away.
13 Accessory (Sora Item).png Emergency Puppet As you turn away from the empty chest, you hear
a strange and ominous hissing.
14 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge II E to the M to the P-T-Y.
15 Potion (Sora Item).png Tear All Balm Running your hands along the bottom of the
chest, you obtain a splinter!
16 Boots (Sora Item).png Parthenon Gear Monsters: Kailash Gray, Ebony Scale ×2, Brute Angler ×2
Thinking you've come back to return its stuff,
the chest opens wide in anticipation. As you
leave, it closes with a pained, awkward creak.