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The Liberl Kingdom (リベール王国(おうこく)) is a kingdom located in southwestern Zemuria. Its mainland is bordered to the south by the Thetis Sea and to the west by an unnamed ocean; to the north by Erebonia; and to the east by Calvard. Its crest is a white falcon.

Liberl borrowed its name from the Liber Ark, the floating city developed by the advanced civilisation of ancient Zemuria.


Pre-Great Collapse Era[]

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Before the Great Collapse and the foundation of the Liberl Kingdom, the population of Zemuria was split into seven factions. Each faction was centred around a Sept-Terrion and shared an ideal that could be realised by their respective Sept-Terrion. The ideal of the faction that became Liberl aspired to move to a floating island that could be realised by the faction's Sept-Terrion, the Aureole, that became known as the Liber Ark.

However, over time, the reliance on the Aureole's powers led to a decline in morals and ethics among the population, giving rise to madness and despair. In response, faction ruler Celeste D von Auslese decided to end the reliance on the Aureole and had the Great Seal and four Device Towers built. Despite the Aureole's attempts to fight off Celeste's forces, she succeeded in sealing the Aureole alongside the Liber Ark in a different dimension. With the floating city gone, Celeste established the Liberl Kingdom in approximately S.1.


In S.1100, a century before the start of the series, Liberl was still ruled by aristocrats and the nobility. Commoners held some power as prodigious traders that grew more influential with each passing year. During this period there was much friction between the classes, that intensified over time. The Liberlian Royal Family and Septian Church tried to mediate in the clashes between nobles and commoners but never had any luck.

It is thought that Princess Cecilia is responsible for abolishing the differences in classes in Liberl. While the aristocracy is unthinkable in present-day Liberl, there have been many insurrections among nobles that led to the ravaging of the City of Grancel.

Hundred Days War[]

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In spring S.1192, the Imperial Army of Erebonia invaded Liberl using the blitzkrieg strategy: an official declaration of war was issued to Queen Alicia von Auslese II at the same time the first shot was fired at the Haken Gate. Within a month, Erebonia managed to occupy the entirety of Liberl except for the Grancel region and Leiston Fortress.

Two months after Erebonia's invasion, the three patrol ships developed at Leiston Fortress, under the supervision of General Morgan, were used to launch a large scale counter-attack. Within three months and with last-minute support of auxiliary forces from the allied Calvard, Liberl defeated the imperial divisions stationed in Liberl.

In S.1193, a peace treaty and non-aggression pact was signed by Liberl and Erebonia. The Imperial government issued an official apology that the invasion was "a grievous error attributed to a tragic incident occurring within [their] borders", implying the invasion was the result of Erebonia's assumption that Liberl was responsible for the Tragedy of Hamel.

Trails in the Sky FC[]

In S.1202, Colonel Alan Richard of the Royal Army's Intelligence Division attempted a coup d'état. But, he was stopped by a coalition consisting of members from the Royal Guardsmen, the Bracer Guild, Zeiss' Central Factory and her majesty, Princess Klaudia herself. After Alan Richard was stopped, Alan was imprisoned along with some of the other members of Coup d'etat, while some such as Kanone Amalthea were on the run.

Duke Dunan von Auslese who was also a member of the Coup in an attempt to get the throne; was also scolded by her majesty Queen Alicia and placed under house arrest in the Erbe Royal Villa. Though, according to his butler Phillip, he isolated himself on purpose.

Trails in the Sky SC[]

In S.1203, the secret society named Ouroboros revealed themselves as the true masterminds behind the coup. They ramped up their operations in Liberl after the first stage back at the Sealed Area was competed successfully. During their operations, they unsealed the Liber Ark

A country-wide Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon occurred, leaving much of the nation's and their neighbouring nations without orbments and orbal devices. After this, the City of Grancel was attacked by Ouroboros, however, Liberl managed to stop it through the cooperation of the Liberlian Army and the Bracer Guild. However, shortly before they could relax, the Erebonian Army appeared at Haken Gate and it was here that Princess Klaudia von Auslese confronted Prince Olivert and announced her official status as heir apparent to the throne. Negotiations were then smoothed over with help from Cassius and Estelle Bright from the Bracer Guild.

Afterwards, Prince Olivert along with the Liberl army and the Bracer Guild helped to bring down the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon by destroying the Liber Ark, and restoring orbal power.

Trails to Azure[]

In S.1204, heir apparent Klaudia von Auslese represented Liberl at the West Zemuria Trade Conference in Crossbell. She was caught in the crossfire of a terrorist attack but was saved thanks to Giliath Osborne's own Jaeger forces and the Special Support Section.

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Liberl, threatened by the ever-expanding military power and influence of neighbouring Erebonia, took measures to curtail the Empire's power, namely by joining Operation Mille Mirage, a collection of nations hoping to oppose the Chancellor's ambitions and place Erebonia in check. Princess Klaudia once again represents the nation of Liberl at the summit onboard the Pantagruel, along with General Cassius Bright.


Liberl is located in the south west of the Zemurian continent. It is flanked by the Erebonian Empire to the north along the Krone Mountains and the Calvard Republic to the east partially by the Behgan Range. Its proximity to the sea provides the kingdom with a lot of arable lands. It is a diverse country in which culture is bursting, Liberl has both industrial and rural landmarks. It is rich in Septium and thus has superior technological resources for exportation.

Notable natural features include Valleria Lake, a huge inland lake in the centre of the country. The lake serves as the mouth of several rivers including the Lenhardt River to the northeast as well as the Roubine River the southwest. Also to the southwest is the manmade Lhotse Waterway which passes through the famous Air-Letten Waterfall before feeding into the Azelia Bay. To the south lies the Titith Bay. Other locations include the Mistwald Forest, Nebel Valley and Erbe Scenic Route.

Government & Politics[]


Main article: Monarchy of Liberl

Although a kingdom, Liberl is currently under the leadership of Queen Alicia II. The court is more or less comprised of dozens of nobles, some managing each aspect of the country. In each of the regions of Liberl (save for Grancel), the mayor of the largest city acts as the governor of the entire province aside from the city. Zeiss, however, is unique as the chief of the Zeiss Central Factory is effectively the mayor for that region.

She ascended the throne when her father, King Edgar III, passed away in S.1162. After her son, Crown Prince Judis died in an accident in S.1187. In S.1203, Judis' daughter Klaudia von Auslese became the heir apparent to the throne of Liberl.   

Due to sharing borders with two superpowers, Liberl maintains its pacifism through diplomacy. Grancel houses both the Erebonian and Calvard embassies as the country's means of political communication. Following the Hundred Days War, the country has tried to maintain stable relations between the two superpowers, most especially Erebonia, lest it risks another bloody war. However, they do have a strained relationship with Erebonia as a result of their role in the Hundred Days War (note the non-aggression pact) and a tentative one with the Calvard Republic.

Once a year, the queen, mayors and other representatives of Liber come together for the Royal Assembly or the Royal Council (王国会議(おうこくかいぎ)), which constitutes of (at least) the following members per S.1203:


Main article: Royal Army of Liberl

The Royal Army of Liberl is the military force of Liberl. Its current commander is General Cassius Bright, who took over this position from commander General Morgan in S.1203. Liberl maintains a small army of infantry, patrol ships and airships. Despite Liberl's advantage in orbment technology, the country still cannot compete with neither Erebonia nor Calvard in numbers. Instead, Liberl's military relies on seizing the technological advantage to defeat their foes.

With two superpowers sharing its borders, Liberl's infantry constantly train to fight scenarios where they're outnumbered. The country invests on its fleet of airships, divided into attack, scout, and transport ships. While the exact number of available airships isn't mentioned, Operation Dragon Capture involves 12 airships (2/5 of the current Liberl air fleet according to General Morgan).

Within Liberl, two major military centers exist.

  • Leiston Fortress: The heart of the Liberl military's command and control. Situated at the southern shore of Lake Valleria, this well-guarded facility houses the bulk of the kingdom's active and reserve units. Its strategic location on the lake shore allows it to send reinforcements to any of the five regions, including Grancel. The fortress is also responsible for guarding invading navies from breaking through Ruan by the river and threatening the capital, just like how the Erebonian Navy attempted such a feat during the war.
  • Grancel Castle: The primary base of the Royal Guard commanded under Captain Julia Schwarz. While small in number compared to the Royal Army, countless battles have proven that they can fight as well, if not better than the average soldier. They also operate orbal artillery batteries for defense against ground threats like orbal tanks.


Liberl does not have a dedicated police force, with the Royal Army fulfilling that duty. Cells are kept in all of the military installations and checkpoints around the country.

Administrative Divisions[]

Liberl is split into five regions, each with a regional capital in its centre. Each region of Liberl has its own specialty and trade. Rolent specializes in the supplying of timber and mining, Bose relies on tradings with the Erebonian Empire, Ruan focuses on tourism (before, it was fishing), Zeiss specializes in orbments and mechanics, and Grancel is the political capital.


The majority of Liberl's economy comes from its sepith mines and the development of orbal devices. It also has tourism and trade industries, as well as a top fishing industry.


Science & Technology[]

Zeiss is at the center of technological development in the country. It is home to professor Albert Russell, one of the three disciples of the famed Professor C. Epstein. Russell came back to Liberl and partnered up with the Zeiss Clockmakers' Union to create the Zeiss Central Factory (ZCF) that is one of the continents leading orbal technology developers. It was here that the orbal computer, Capel was developed. Liberl is known for its airship technology, specifically it's engines. It has also recently started branching out to cars.


Main article: Liberl Orbalship Corporation

Public transport in Liberl is limited to airliners, operated by the Liberl Orbalship Corporation. Their fleet for public transport is limited to three aircraft:

  • Airliner "Linde" (リンデ号) is operating clockwise from Grancel;
  • Airliner "Cecilia" (セシリア号) is operating counter-clockwise from Grancel;
  • Airliner "Gretna" (グレトナ号) is operating between Grancel and the capital of Calvard.

Other orbal airships operating or that operated in Liberl include:

  • Airliner "Leibnitz" (ライプニッツ号), the factory airship of the Zeiss Central Factory.
  • Airliner "Calatrava" (カラトラバ号) the first orbal-powered airship that is no longer in use.
  • Airliner "Eterna" (エテルナ号) sank in Calvardian waters with Crown Prince Judis von Auslese on board in S.1187.


In Liberl, most children attend Sunday School up until they are old enough to get a job (16), however, they can also attend private institutions such as the Jenis Royal Academy located in the Ruan province or specialised academies e.g. military academies.

The Jenis Royal Academy, in particular, has a rather extensive history within Liberl and is the school where the crown princess, Klaudia von Auslese also attends. The school has 3 main branches of study: Natural Sciences, Social Studies and Physical Education. They also have a Humanities Class. They boast a strict entrance examination structure.

Media & Communication[]

News and its written publication is handled by the Liberl News Service, which is headquartered in Grancel. They publish the Liberl News.


Liberl's main religious authority is the Septian Church. They have minor branches scattered all over Liberl in each of its major cities including the Grand Cathedral in Grancel.

The Royal Family of Liberl cooperates with the church and helps them out on issues relating to artifacts,



Liberl features many traditional wooden houses in its countryside, forming a contrast with the brick and mortar buildings in it's cities. Notable landmarks include Grancel Castle and the Ahnenburg surrounding the region. There is also the Erbe Royal Villa, Air-Letten checkpoint and Rolent Clocktower.

Sites of archaeological significance include the Tetracyclic Towers which stand in various regions of the country and the Sealed Area located beneath the castle. There are also ruins dating back to the Ancient Zemurian Civilisation. Following its demise, the ruins of the Liber Ark lie at the bottom of the Valleria Lake.


Main articles: List of recipes (Sky FC), List of recipes (Sky SC), and List of recipes (Sky 3rd)

In terms of food, Liberl is a country that's mostly surrounded by ocean on one side, as such, most of the food they acquire either comes from foraging, farming, hunting, fishing and imported goods. For example, in the Ruan Province, Fish dishes are more common since it is the province located by the sea, while in Zeiss, rice dishes are more common in Elmo Village due to its inhabitants being immigrants from Calvard. Furthermore, the Bose Region is known for its fruit and Rolent is best known for the high quality farmed goods that come from the Perzel Family Farm.

Arts & Entertainment[]

Unlike Crossbell, which is a more technologically advanced country, Liberl is much more simple in terms of their entertainment. With regards to their children's' entertainment, it mostly consists of reading, playing board games and a more overall focus on playing outside. While with the adults, it is typically the same although there is also a Casino in Ruan for which adults can gamble away their money.

Sports & Festivals[]

Grancel features the Grand Arena where martial arts contests are held every year, including the Queen's birthday Celebration. The Fisherman's Guild originates in Liberl, helping to spread the joy of fishing.

In the series' chronology, Liberl appears as the first country to embrace multiculturalism between the different regions regarding varieties of fashion, food, entertainment, and festivities. Every year since Queen Alicia II's birth, the kingdom gathers for Queen's Birthday Celebration Festival held in Grancel. Jenis Royal Academy also has an annual academy festival.