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Liberl News - Special Issue

[Featured Story] The Liber Ark Collapses!

◆Enigmatic Object Gone in a Flash!◆

The Collapse Begins

The mysterious structure that appeared last month over Valleria Lake disappeared as suddenly as it came, collapsing loudly in a giant mountain of rubble into the lake.

Many of our readers may have witnessed the moment for themselves, but it seems that it was visible not only from Liberl, but from the southern edge of the Empire and from Calvard as well. A small minority argued that the structure may have been a new weapon belonging to the Royal Army, but this turn of events seems to conclusively rule out that possibility.

Unfortunate fishermen

The collapse of the Liber Ark also caused a two-arge high tsunami around the edges of the lake, but so far, there have been no reports of serious injuries, fatalities, or missing persons as a result of this.

The worst that seems to have been reported is a number of unfortunate fishermen, who were unable to escape in time, getting covered in water.

◆What Was the Liber Ark?◆

Aerial View of the City

According to an investigation by the Royal Guard and Bracer Guild, it was a flying city from ancient Zemurian times. How exactly it came to be above Valleria Lake to begin with or what caused it to collapse remains to be confirmed, but it appears to be without a doubt that the international crime syndicate known as the society was somehow involved.

While this has yet to be officially confirmed, reports suggest that an investigation team in the city encountered a group of crimson soldiers there, supporting the above theory. 'This place is just one mystery after another, but we can't let those guys get away with any more than they already have!' said a member of the team.

Rejoicing Citizens

Furthermore, Zeiss Central Factory and the Royal Army are planning to continue investigating the Liber Ark, and to this end will be launching a combined salvage operation.

◆Recovering From the Shutdown◆

Around the time of the Liber Ark's collapse, the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon that tormented the whole of the country finally ceased. As a result, many now believe that the city caused the phenomenon, but no conclusive proof of this has been established, and we can only await further research into the issue.


The Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon and the chaos that was created as a result have been a sobering reminder of just how dependent all of us are on orbments in our daily lives. Perhaps something similar may never happen again, but this is still a good opportunity to reflect on just how much we owe to orbments, and perhaps to try and reduce our reliance on them.

[Politics] Crown Princess Klaudia's Been Busy!

As previously reported, Her Highness Princess Klaudia is now this nation's crown princess. As a result, we will be referring to her as such in all publications moving forward.

Scene of the Discussions

Crown Princess Klaudia wasted no time after assuming her position in meeting with Prince Olivert of the Erebonian Empire, and together, they reconfirmed our two nations' relationship with one another. After the discussions, they both boarded the Arseille together. It's widely expected that this meeting will contribute to ensuring peaceful relations with Erebonia in the future.

In addition, the pair plan to both be in attendance at the upcoming banquet to be held at Grancel Castle. We will bring you all the latest on that in due time.

◆Closing Thoughts◆

As you all know, our homeland of Liberl has fallen victim to a vast number of calamities over the past year; there was the coup d'etat, the bizarre changes at the Tetracyclic Towers, coming under the assault of an ancient dragon, our capital being attacked, and finally, the Liber Ark's appearance as already discussed in this this very issue. What you may not know, however, is that there is a group of young men and women who were involved in the resolution of all of these crises, their steel-like will and unyielding determination leading them to their conclusions. If not for them, these crises may not have been resolved or taken a turn for the worse.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all they have done for us:

Thank you. You are truly this nation's great hope.

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