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[Featured Story] Case Closed! Criminals Caught!

◆All Hostages Safely Secured!◆

Sky Bandits caught!

The Royal Army reports that the military's Intelligence Division successfully located the Sky Bandits' hideout in the mountains of Bose. The criminals were apprehended, and all hostages were set free.

◆Linde Found in Abandoned Mine◆

Mere days prior to the Capuas' capture, the Linde was found in an abandoned mine north of Ravennue Village. Its cargo had been looted, and its passengers and crew were still missing, but this was the break the investigators needed to crack the case wide open. And shortly thereafter, that's exactly what they did!

◆Great Success for New Intelligence Division◆

The monumental task of clue analysis and deduction fell upon the Royal Intelligence Division, newly founded by a young man named Colonel Alan Richard. While the Border Patrol tracked the criminals, a team of intelligence officials led by one General Morgan fed them information and analyses, and it was this coordinated effort that ultimately led to a successful rescue.

Don Capua (32)

◆Historic Arrest Witnessed by Media◆

'Put your hands in the air!' came the cry. With that, the Royal Army blockaded the Capuas before they could escape, and it was all over. Don Capua's blank, disbelieving stare said it all!

◆Bracers Also Play Crucial Role◆

Intelligence and Border Patrol alone can't take all the credit for this successful rescue, as a handful of bracers played a fairly significant role too, modestly dodging the limelight in the process. Several hours prior to the army's raid, these bracers infiltrated the Sky Bandits' hideout through decidedly nonstandard means, and waged a small war against them from within, keeping them off their guard. In the end, it seems the bracers and the Royal Army really did work together, albeit by accident.

◆Ringleader Taken to Leiston Fortress◆

Don Capua, the ringleader of this crime family, has been transported to the Leiston Fortress, where he will be thoroughly interrogated. The Capuas' Imperial-made light aircraft, 'Bobcat,' has been impounded as evidence, and the case is expected to be an open-and-shut one.

◆Families Relieved That Hostages Are Safe◆

Friends and families of the hostages finally have a reason to smile again, now that they know their loved ones are safe. Bose's Mayor Maybelle is overjoyed as well. 'This is the result we all prayed for,' she says, 'and we owe an immeasurable debt of thanks to all those involved in resolving this incident without casualty.'

We at Liberl News also wish to send our gratitude to General Morgan, along with all his men and women of the Intelligence Division, for working around the clock to track down the whereabouts of the hostages and their captors. Everyone else involved deserves commendation as well, so let's be sure that when they return to their homes, they receive a true hero's welcome!

[Society] Duke Dunan von Auslese to Visit Ruan

Our sources say that Her Majesty's nephew is planning a vacation to Ruan -- though the exact times and locations remain undisclosed.

[Society] Imperial Citizen Dines and Dashes!

The upscale Anterose Restaurant in Bose's north block suffered a loss this week when an Imperial traveler/would-be musician bilked on his (rather hefty) bill. The man was arrested on the spot and imprisoned at Haken Gate -- a bit severe, but it sends a powerful message.

【特集】空賊団を逮捕! 《リンデ号》事件解決!






◆光る活躍 新設部隊「情報部」◆



◆犯人逮捕の瞬間 突入作戦に本誌記者も同行◆

「王国軍だ! 手を上げろ」――飛行艇での逃亡を試みる空賊団の前に、兵士が立ちふさがる。抵抗もむなしく次々と捕縛されていく一味。前代未聞の大犯罪《リンデ号》事件解決の瞬間だった。アジトに王国軍が乗り込んできたことが信じられないのか、頭目ドルン容疑者(32)の表情は最後までうつろなままだった。





◆人質は無事 胸なでおろす家族◆


【社会】デュナン公爵 ルーアン地方をご視察に


【社会】あきれた帝国人 レストランで無銭飲食