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[Featured Story] We Interview Colonel Richard!

◆A Close-Up Look at the Man Behind the Plan◆

The Linde incident halted the nation's aerial transportation and struck fear in our hearts, but thanks to the Royal Army's Intelligence Division (hereafter 'I.D.'), all of that's behind us now, and no hostages were harmed. We're pleased to welcome the I.D. founder today for an exclusive one-on-one interview, and we'd like to thank him for taking time from his busy schedule to meet with us.

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Alan Richard, Founder of I.D.
Born S.C. 1168 (Age 34), Single
War College Graduate, Rank: Colonel

Liberl News (hereafter LN): Congratulations on your success with the Linde incident!
Col. Alan Richard (hereafter AR): Thanks, but I'm not sure I'm the right person to congratulate. We officers just sit in front of a desk all day. It's the men and women on the field who deserve all the praise here!

LN: And we are thankful, truly. Tell me, Col., what was your role in the Hundred Days War?
AR: Easier to say what my role wasn't! I planned strategies, I fought, I handled communications and intelligence, and I procured goods for the troops, to name just a few of my tasks.

LN: And were the lessons you learned in the war contributive to the founding of the I.D.?
AR: Actually, no. We now live in an information age, and as orbal technology advances, life becomes faster-paced. And if the Royal Army can't keep up...well, then that's it for us!

LN: How do you see the Royal Army now, and in what ways do you believe it could be improved?
AR: As an officer, I really can't officially answer that. If you're asking for my own personal opinion, though, then I'd have to say we need to become a more robust organization.

LN: As in, more arms proliferation?
AR: No, no, quite the opposite! Not an expansion of force, but of quality. We need significant improvements in our organization, our equipment, our command structure...

LN: I'm afraid that's all the time we have, but Colonel Alan Richard, I sincerely thank you for granting us this wonderful opportunity.

◆This Reporter's Impression◆

Unpretentious, unrestrained and bold, Col. Alan Richard is nothing at all like the elite, haughty image people seem to have of him. And given his accomplishments, it's clear he's not only a brilliant man, but a politically savvy one as well. He truly is the Royal Army's rising star, and his time is only just beginning!

[Culture] Festival at the Jenis Royal Academy

The lychee is back in season, and as always, the Jenis Royal Academy is ready to celebrate! Come for the fruit, but stay for the booths, the exhibits, and of course, the annual class play!

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[Culture] 'Site'-Seeing: Ruan & Air-Letten

Clear lake water flows over the edge of an aqueduct, forming cascading falls of unmatchable beauty. Such is Air-Letten-- a place of natural splendor and boundless wonder. Scholars and archaeologists alike are baffled as to how such grand medieval aqueducts were built in an age before orbal technology.

At present, the ruins of Air-Letten are used as a checkpoint between Ruan and Zeiss, but quality accommodations are also available for curious travelers with a taste for the ancient and mysterious. If that's you, then Letten the Air out of your boring life, and get going!

[Breaking Story] Mercia Orphanage Burnt to Ashes

Before dawn yesterday, a fire broke out at the Mercia Orphanage. No injuries were reported, but the building has been completely leveled. The Bracer Guild is presently investigating.

【特集】リシャール大佐 独占インタビュー



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【文化】学園祭迫る ジェニス王立学園


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【文化】遺跡探訪 〜ルーアン地方エア=レッテン〜

断崖に突き出た水道橋から、流れ下ってきた湖水が滝となってほとばしる――――エア=レッテンの奇観には見る者を圧する迫力がある。中世の遺跡とされる水道橋だが、導力器もない時代にどうやって建設したのだろうか。興味は尽きることがない。現在、遺跡の内部は関所として利用されている。旅行者用の宿泊施設もあるので、ルーアン観光のついでに古代のロマンに触れてみるのはいかがだ ろうか。