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[Breaking Story] Ruan Mayor Arrested

◆A Sudden Arrest◆

Scene of the Arrest

Yesterday afternoon, Ruan's mayor, Morris Dalmore (48), was arrested by the Royal Guard on suspicion of arson and intent to commit other crimes. His steward, Gilbert Stein (25), was arrested on the same charges. Both are in the custody of the Intelligence Division and have been transferred to Leiston Fortress.

◆A Horrifying Rampage by the Incumbent Mayor◆

Morris Dalmore (48)

Mayor Dalmore is suspected of ordering the arson carried out on the Mercia Orphanage and plotting the theft of the donations, as well. Although those responsible for committing the acts have not yet been caught, the mayor's steward, Gilbert, was seized at the scene, suggesting his involvement.

◆Arseille Aids in Arrest◆

Mayor Dalmore abruptly fled his residence during questioning by the Bracer Guild and attempted to flee down the Roubine River in his personal yacht. The bracers reacted quickly and alerted the Royal Guard, who rushed to the scene in the high-speed cruiser, Arseille, and used its hull as a barrier to thwart the escape. After his apprehension, the suspect appeared to have a temporary lapse of memory, possibly due to shock, but has since regained his composure.

◆What Motivated Such a Despicable Act?◆

A figure born into privilege and wealth who, for years, managed the affairs of the municipal government, has fallen from grace--all for what in the end was nothing more than an enormous debt borne from insatiable, personal greed.

In an investigation conducted by the Liberl News, it was uncovered that Morris Dalmore had been engaged in a number of speculative market transactions. However, a year prior, these deals in the Republic fell through, and he was left with a substantial debt. In order to cover his losses, Dalmore diverted money from the city's budget and attempted to develop a number of resort homes to be built somewhere within the region, perhaps reasoning that the profit gained from some prime real estate would hide his pilfering from the city coffers and restore his prior wealth.

Unfortunately, the key to his plan, the Mercia Orphanage, declined an offer to sell the land upon which it stood. The desperate suspect then resorted to arson and slipped into a heinous spree of crime.

[Society] Ruan Awaits a Speedy Election

With the incumbent mayor under arrest and incapable of fulfilling his duties, Ruan's succeeding municipal government is expected to endure an extended period of confusion. However, through the abolishment of the aristocracy and simultaneous enactment of a royal charter, in an instance such as this one, the law stipulates that an election must be held at the earliest possible date and a new mayor selected.

Therefore, in the interest of public stability, a prompt and nonpartisan election is awaited by all.

[Technology] The Orbal Calculator, Capel - No. 1 in Processing Ability Worldwide

Mechanical computation through the application of orbments has been used in a vast range of fields beginning with navigational equipment aboard airships. However, the Capel, which is located in the Zeiss Central Factory, reigns supreme in this department.

The Capel has the ability to instantly locate information from within its databanks, which currently store an amount equal to that of numerous encyclopedias. Its inventor, Professor Russell, is presently researching further possible applications for this technology.

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◆現職市長 おそるべき凶行◆



◆白昼の大捕物 新鋭艦《アルセイユ》も参戦◆


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【社会】市政は混乱 待たれる速やかな選挙


【技術】能力は世界一 演算導力器(オーブメント)《カペル》