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[Breaking Story] Shock Over Terrorist Incident

◆Incident Occurs in Broad Daylight◆

Central Factory

According to an announcement made by the Royal Army Intelligence Division, a terrorist attack occurred at the Zeiss Central Factory. Concrete details remain scarce, but the smoke canisters deployed by the criminals caused a temporary state of panic.

After the incident, residents witnessed soldiers dressed in blue uniforms exit the building. The Royal Army has expanded checks and is currently tracking the phony soldiers' movements.

◆Mistrust of Those Serving in Blue Uniforms◆

Relating to the blue uniforms reported at the scene, several witnesses have indicated that they were the uniforms worn by the Royal Guard. The Intelligence Division has avoided making any statements regarding the matter, but if this information proves to be true, the implications could affect the entire Royal Army.

We will carefully follow how this situation develops in the near future.

◆Blackout Related to the Current Incident?◆

In the evening, two days prior to the incident, an unusual phenomenon occurred within the city of Zeiss which caused all orbments to black out temporarily. The Royal Army is investigating whether or not there is any connection to the recent terrorist attack.

◆Theories Regarding the Terrorist Incident◆

The perpetrators' objective in this latest terrorist incident is still unclear at this time. The Liberl News has therefore compiled some of the theories being bandied about in connection with the incident.

[Theory 1: Imperial Conspiracy]: The imperial forces were behind the incident in order to get their hands on the Central Factory's technology.

―This theory suggests that a mercenary force like a jaeger corps was used to carry out the actual attack.

[Theory 2: Insurrection Within the Royal Army]: An insurgency was carried out by a part of the Royal Army and, in order to send a shockwave across the kingdom, this same group sought to occupy the Central Factory.

―However, without any prior incident from the military, this theory does not seem plausible.

[Theory 3: Attacked by the Ancient Dragon]: A rather odd theory by a group of researchers that purports that the ancient dragon living within the mountainous region attacked the Central Factory.

―This theory may be best addressed by returning to it in a few weeks to see if any sort of verifiable evidence has been left behind.

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[Culture] Touring Ancient Sites
‾The Grancel Region and the Ahnenburg Wall‾

The Ahnenburg Wall---The last line of defense during the Hundred Days War which protected the Royal City from the invading Imperial Army. This wall, likened unto a protective shell encompassing the whole of Grancel, is one of several ancient ruins scattered across the kingdom. If one were to climb atop the ramparts from both the Gurune and Sanktheim gates, one just might be able to feel the wisdom of the ancients through that majestic structure.

[Travel] The Place to Get Away From It All

This time I will be introducing a hotel rather than an inn. The hotel of which I speak, The Roenbaum, boasts of the highest pedigree in the entirety of the Liberl Kingdom.

This hotel stands next-door to Grancel Castle, a location other establishments can only dream of, and is just a few minutes' walk from Grancel's east block. If one intends to fully enjoy the annual festivities, then this is one place which should not be left off your list. And especially for those celebrities from all walks of life, by all means, take this opportunity to experience its critically-acclaimed service.

【速報】王国震撼(しんかん)! ツァイス中央工房でテロ







◆前々日に怪現象 事件との関連は◆


◆検証 テロ事件の筋書き◆


【仮説① 帝国陰謀説】:中央工房の高度な技術を目的として帝国軍の一部勢力が引き起こした事件とする説。実行犯には《猟兵団(イェーガー)》のような傭兵部隊を用いたと考えられる。

【仮説② 王国軍内部反乱説】:王国軍部隊の一部が反乱を起こし、王国全土に動揺を与えるため中央工房の占拠を目指したという考え。しかし他に動乱の兆候はなく、説得力のある説とは言えない。

【仮説③ 古代竜襲撃説】:山岳地帯で生き延びていた古代竜が中央工房を襲撃したという一部研究者の奇説だ。後日改めて検証した方が良いだろう。

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〜 グランセル地方《アーネンベルク》 〜