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[Featured Story] Conspiracy in the Royal City?!

◆Shock Over Royal Guard Arrests◆

Julia Schwarz

According to a statement issued by the Intelligence Division late last night, the Royal Guard conspired to revolt within the Royal City. This shocker occurred when the group was confronted by the Intelligence Division Special Operations Unit, which identified the unfolding plot.

Following the incident, the Army Strategic Operations Headquarters called for an immediate stand-down of the Royal Guard.

It also appears that the incident at the Central Factory was the work of this seditionist movement led by the former Royal Guard members. Evidence gathered from the attack seems to have been a deciding factor in ID-ing the culprits.

Ex-1st Lieutenant Julia Schwarz (pictured above) is currently on the run with a number of her fellow officers. A warrant has been issued for their arrest.

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◆Erbe Royal Villa on Lockdown◆

The Intelligence Division has set up headquarters in the Erbe Royal Villa, and is preparing for an attack by the insurgent unit. In the meantime, entry into the area surrounding the villa is strictly prohibited.

◆Suspicion of the Elite Unit◆

A sedition plot, an attack on the Central Factory -- Her Majesty's most trusted unit has suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, been accused of some truly heinous crimes.

These shocking events have sent citizens of the Royal City reeling in a state of bafflement, yet there has still been no word from the Intelligence Division about the evidence or motive behind these incidents.

In the interest of public sentiment, should not swift steps be taken to demonstrate, clearly, the grounds for these claims?

[Society] A Postponement of Festivities?

A royal official disclosed today that Her Majesty, Queen Alicia, appears to have fallen ill, and is presently recuperating in the royal keep. It was also noted that Princess Klaudia would be attending to the needs of her grandmother, Her Royal Highness. For the time being, the honorable Duke Dunan von Auslese will be assuming all official duties in her stead.

It is conceivable that there may be a postponement of the annual festivities if Her Majesty's recovery is unfavorable. In the Royal City, already taken aback at the arrest of a unit within the Royal Army, this is another piece of depressing news for all the peace-loving citizens.

Our prayers go out to Her Majesty for a speedy recovery.

[Society] The Martial Arts Competition Begins!

This year's Martial Arts Competition is hosted by the honorable Duke Dunan von Auslese in place of Her Majesty, and despite the uncertainty arising from recent events, the preliminary rounds will begin as scheduled.

Owing to the duke's strong inclination to have teams of four battle it out, this year's match format was changed. The sudden modification sent competitors scrambling in an effort to assemble teams. It appears, however, that one competitor, a citizen of the Republic, has elected to go it alone for the time being.

This solitary challenger; will he be able to make it through the preliminaries?

【特集】王都激震! 親衛隊が反乱謀議!?

◆王都に衝撃 親衛隊を逮捕◆




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◆エリート部隊がなぜ 深まる疑惑◆




【社会】陛下はご静養中 生誕祭は延期か



【社会】熱戦始まる 武術大会予選開始