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[Featured Story] Victors Decided!

◆Crown Goes to an Unlikely Team◆

Award Ceremony

When the last of the Special Ops Unit slowly sank to their knees, the referee raised his hand, and the entire arena erupted in fanfare.

The competition, which got off to a rocky start after the change from single to team matches, had yet another unforeseeable surprise awaiting eager fans, in the form of a team of unlikely victors led by Zane Vathek of the Calvard Republic. Was there anyone out there who could have anticipated such a feat?

A martial artist, two bracers and a musician; an unheard-of combination, to say the least! Yet, this is the group that advanced to the finals and took the crown by defeating the elite of the Special Operations Unit. It just goes to show, it's not over 'til it's over!

The winning team's members continued to work effectively by leveraging their individual talents in complementary harmony with one another, playing off of each other's strengths. The competition itself was an event replete with powerful, heated battles and unique team dynamics, which ended explosively to thunderous ovation. The Liberl News wishes to honor the valiant efforts of all those who participated in this year's proceedings.

◆Winning Team Invited to the Royal Banquet◆

In a ceremony held at the conclusion of the competition, the winning team was awarded a cash prize of 100,000 mira and an invitation to the royal banquet. This formal dinner will be hosted by Duke Dunan von Auslese. The mayors of each city and other various persons of influence are also scheduled to attend.

[Society] The Queen Shows Signs of Recovery

The Liberl News has been informed that Her Majesty the Queen, who has been recuperating, is expected to return to her official duties soon. The anniversary celebration, which was in danger of being postponed, will now assuredly be conducted on schedule.

In recent days, with unsettling news becoming the norm, it is certainly wonderful to receive such joyous tidings.

[Society] Intelligence Division Steps Up Defense

The search for the officers of the Ex-Royal Guard accused of acting as ringleaders in a series of terrorist-related incidents has proven to be an onerous one, and after making little headway, the Intelligence Division decided to station members of their unit within the Royal City, in a move to further step up defensive measures. All security positions covering Grancel Castle are also expected to be relegated to the same unit.

[Society] Ancient Dragon Sighted?

Reports have made their way to our news desk regarding the sighting of an enormous silhouette making its way across the sky above Ravennue Village, located in the northern part of the Bose region. Public speculation revolves around whether or not the object in question is, in fact, the ancient dragon which has been living in the world since before the Great Collapse.

According to statements by a number of researchers, the Bose region was the last place the ancient dragon had been sighted, giving further credence to the claim that the great creature may still presently be living among us. Research concerning the ancient dragon has also begun to take a leap into the public spotlight as of late. These purported sightings have, of course, only fueled researchers' excitement.

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