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[Special] Rebuilding the Army

◆Two Months Since The Coup D'etat◆

RA Headquarters

It's been two months since the stunning fall of the Royal Army's once promising Intelligence Division and their failed coup d'etat. Currently, in response to their failure to prevent the rebellion by one of their own divisions, the army is undergoing a major reconstruction of their internal organization. To find how they intend to regain the trust of the public, we got a behind the scenes look at their reconstruction efforts.

◆Reconstruction Challenges◆

Under the command of General Morgan the reformation of all Royal Army units has been proceeding swiftly. However, even our decorated general acknowledges that rebuilding the chain of command will take some time.

The cause, we're told from an Army source, is that the I.D. unit's reach had permeated all levels of command, and removing that influence has proved to be quite the task.

◆The Road to Rebuilding the Royal Army◆

The Royal Army is determined to continue reforming whatever difficulties may arise. One such issue they face is lack of transparency. For national defense reasons, the organization of the military has been heavily guarded, but it was this very policy that allowed the I.D. unit to get as far as they did. One effort to blow fresh air into the rigid Army structure is the recent cooperation with the Bracer Guild. How much further the Royal Army can open up and still maintain the secrecy needed for security, though, is probably the biggest hurdle facing the rebuilding of the army.

[Foreign Affairs] The Queen's Peace Proposal!

Liberl News Insert Sky SC 921 - Queen Alicia.png

According to reports from the Foreign Affairs section, the Erebonian Empire, Calvard Republic, and Liberl Kingdom have all agreed to enter into a treaty of non-aggression. Preparations are already underway to host the signing of the pact following the Royal Parliament's approval of the terms proposed by Queen Alicia. Will this pact be the guiding light to peace between nations?

◆General Morgan to Resign?◆

A change at the top of the army ranks seems in the air as Chief of Staff General Morgan indicated in a recent meeting that he would yield the reconstruction of the army to someone else. Signs also suggested that he will resign from the top post entirely once the army reorganization is complete. Eyes are on Cassius Bright, the general's right hand man, to take up the reins. We will be keeping close tabs on any further developments.







◆進む再編 立ちふさがる問題◆






【外交】女王陛下が提唱! 3ヶ国間の不戦条約




◆作戦本部長 退任を示唆?◆