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Liberl News - Issue 10

◆A Message From the Editor-in-Chief◆

As you are no doubt aware, all orbments are experiencing an abnormal loss of power. This phenomenon appears to be nation-wide and is having a severe effect on both manufacturing and transport. Even our magazine has had significant difficulty reaching print. While this phenomenon is hindering our ability to distribute nationally, we will try to release in the capital at least. Additionally, information is difficult to confirm in these circumstances. We apologize for any inaccuracies.

[Breaking News] The Kingdom Under Fire!

◆Monsters Swarm Urban Centers◆
Liberl News Insert Sky SC 937 - Army Defense.png

According to the Royal Army, yesterday morning unknown monsters began swarming around all major cities, save the capital. Army units engaged the fierce beasts, but thankfully things quieted by evening and no major damage was reported.

◆Crimson Soldiers Attack Guard Posts◆

At roughly the same time as the monsters appeared, reports came in of crimson soldiers attacking guard posts across the nation. Defense forces, prepared and alert for combat, engaged the invaders. As far as we have been able to confirm, no guard posts have fallen. We also have unconfirmed reports of the crimson soldiers departing via airship.

◆Just Who Are These Red Invaders?◆

From their equipment to their armor and abilities, it is clear that the crimson soldiers are a highly organized and well-funded force. Their allegiance is a mystery, but the most viable theory suggests they are jaegers, a foreign mercenary group. The reports of airships at their disposal, however, raise questions of more powerful backers given the limited production of such vessels. The Bracer Guild is currently investigating.

[Breaking News] Mysterious Object Appears In Sky

Early dawn yesterday, an enormous flying object appeared over Valleria Lake in a flash of gold. The moment it appeared, across the nation orbal power seemed to cease immediately. While the two incidents are believed to be connected, at the moment that link remains pure conjecture.

[Breaking News] Orbments Remain Inoperative

With this Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon continuing, the government has called for citizens to prepare replacements. Lamps and candles are recommended for light while wood stoves and solid fuel for heat can work as well. The abnormality is not mechanical in nature, so repair is not possible. The situation may drag on, so citizens should prepare accordingly.

[Breaking News] Activity at the Ancient Ruins?!

While defense forces were engaged in skirmishes all across the country, the ancient ruins known as the Tetracyclic Towers were witnessed as having their roofs engulfed in what was described as a 'black sphere.' The towers had previously shown signs of activity following the Birthday Celebration when they emitted a mysterious light. Researchers are taking notice, and the towers are under observation.

リベール通信 第10号



【速報】戦慄(せんりつ)! 王国各地で相次ぐ戦火




◆紅蓮の兵士 各地の関所を襲撃◆


◆紅蓮の兵士 その正体は?◆



【速報】謎の浮遊物体 ヴァレリア湖上に出現!



【速報】導力器は未だ動かず 代用品の確保を


【速報】《四輪(し りん)の塔》で再び異変か!?