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Liberl News - Issue 11

City Under Siege - Crimson Soldiers Invade!

◆Fighting in the Capital!◆
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Yesterday at noon, in a capital already crippled by an orbal blackout, fighting broke out as crimson soldiers plowed through Army lines and began pouring into Grancel via airships. Mysteriously able to use their own orbments despite all others remaining inoperative, the invaders easily pushed on towards the castle. It seemed almost certain the royal keep would fall.

◆Unexpected Reinforcements Appear◆
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Just as things seemed hopeless an unexpected ally took to the field of battle in the shape of the former Intelligence Division's Special Ops. The same unit that had been dismantled for their treasonous action used the chaos of the attack on the capital not to escape, but to defend their homeland against the crimson invaders. With the arrival of these new players, the tide turned and the Royal Army was able to counterattack. Between the combined might of the Royal Army, the Intelligence Division's combat specialist unit, and bracers who joined the fray, the enemy was forced into retreat and the threat averted.

◆Intl. Criminal Organization Behind Attacks◆

The true nature of these crimson soldiers has been wrapped in mystery until an investigation from the Royal Army and Bracer Guild revealed the armed unit to be under the command of a mysterious organization, a 'society.' Given the sophisticated equipment of this group, it is believed that the society possesses significant technical leverage and funding, but their goal remains unclear.

[Breaking News] Heir to Throne Named!
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In the first bit of bright news in a while, Queen Alicia held a press conference where she named her granddaughter, Princess Klaudia, the crown princess and official heir to the throne. Abbreviated ceremonies formally installing the sixteen year old princess as heir have taken place. We hope to overcome our current national troubles and make her future reign a bright one.

[Breaking News] Shutdown Phenomenon Solved?

It has become clear that the Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon is occurring not just in the capital but across the nation. However, Professor Russell, with the aid of the central factory, has developed a new invention called the Zero Field Generator that may open a path to a resolution. This device produces an orbal energy field that neutralizes the shutdown phenomenon and restores orbments within a few rege to normal operation. Production of these devices requires high level machinery, however, and mass production is difficult. The Royal Army and Bracer Guild have managed to restore communications at their bases using the available units, and we hope that this revolutionary invention will eventually alleviate more of the troubles caused by this phenomenon.

リベール通信 第11号

【速報】白昼の市街戦 「紅蓮の兵士」王都侵攻!




◆予期せぬ援軍 旧特務部隊の登場◆






【速報】クローディア殿下 王太女に




【速報】『零力場発生器』 停止現象を解決か?