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[Special] Ruan Mayoral Election Special

◆Two Candidates - Two Platforms◆

Election Fever

With the arrest of former mayor Dalmore, a new mayoral election has come to Ruan. Initially delayed due to the coup d'etat, it has now been officially announced. The two nominees are: the industrialist Norman and harbor master Portos. Both candidates have solid support bases and distinct platforms. Which will Ruan's citizens entrust with their future? Stay tuned!

[Promoting Tourism - Candidate Norman]

Owner of the Hotel Blanche and staunch proponent of the tourism industry. The core of his campaign is to 'invigorate tourism.' He believes that tertiary businesses are the future of Ruan, and he has many supporters who agree.

[Promoting the Harbor - Candidate Portos]

Caretaker of the harbor block and passionate campaigner for the maintenance of the port facilities. His platform centers around the reinvigoration of the harbor industry. Has the support of the harbor laborers and sailors.

◆Voter Opinion and Election Direction◆

Currently, public opinion is split. The north city blocks that run on tourism favor candidate Norman, and the harbor block supports Portos. With such clearly-defined positions, this election is shaping up to be very divisive.

As both camps possess solid blocks of support, it will be a battle of who can cut the deepest into their opponent's voter base. This scenario seems to favor Candidate Norman, but there's plenty of time for a turnabout, and it's sure to be a fierce battle to the end.

[Society] The Increasing Threat of Monsters

According to reports from the Royal Army, monsters across Liberl have been increasingly ferocious, and previously unseen species are roaming the kingdom. The cause of these changes is currently unknown, but theories range from septium vein fluctuations to planetary alignment and even solar abnormalities. The Royal Army is investigating, but caution is advised when traveling between regions.

[Society] New Chief of Staff Selected!

The new commander of the Royal Army has been announced as Cassius Bright. Promoted to general, Cassius Bright (formerly Colonel Bright) will be replacing General Morgan as chief of staff. Hopes are high for the reconstruction and future of the military under the guidance of this new leader.

[Foreign Affairs] Pact to be Signed in Liberl

The signing ceremony of the non-aggression pact will take place in the Liberl Kingdom. A central location was considered initially, but declined for safety reasons.

Liberl News Insert Sky SC 923 - New Model Tactical Orbment.png
[Technology] New Model Tactical Orbments

The wave of change has not only come to the Royal Army but to orbments as well. The new model tactical orbments (as shown) were developed by the Epstein Foundation and are spreading quickly.

Improvements include the addition of a new slot, and while incompatible with standard quartz, it has been receiving praise from bracers and others for the new, powerful arts it enables. Factories across the nation are already geared up and eager to support the new model.

【特集】迫る! ルーアンの市長選挙

◆2名の候補者 垣間見えるルーアンの課題◆




【観光事業推進派 ノーマン候補】


【港湾事業維持派 ポルトス候補】




◆どうなる? 選挙の行方◆


【社会】魔獣の脅威 その増大について







Liberl News Insert Sky SC 923 - New Model Tactical Orbment.png
【技術】各所で配備の動き 新型戦術オーブメント