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[Special] Ruan Election - Clash of Candidates

◆Conflict Between Camps Boils Over◆

Angry Mob

With election day drawing closer, the race in Ruan is only getting hotter, and tensions finally boiled over into a near-brawl between supporters. Thankfully, the conflict, rumored to stem from an argument between camps, didn't come to physical blows. Debates are one thing, but we urge the candidates and their supporters to respect one another and reflect on this.

◆Candidates Need to Compromise◆

Behind the incident lies a deepening opposition between supporters. Some level of antagonism is, unfortunately, to be expected given the passionate platforms, but brawling is unworthy of any future leader. Reflection and compromise is the mature answer.

◆Saved by the Lute?◆

A mob of angry supporters on the edge of violence...calmed by the sound of a lute? It seems a certain musician was playing nearby. Perhaps music does soothe the savage beast.

[Society] Ghosts in Ruan?
Liberl News Insert Sky SC 924 - Ruan Ghost.png

'I saw a white shadow that danced in the night sky.' Amidst the furor of the election, ghost sightings like this became quite common in the region for a time according to reports. The Bracer Guild was sent in to investigate and determined the sightings to be a pointless prank. The culprit is still at large, but the equipment used has been confiscated, so citizens can rest easy now without fear of the 'ghost' reappearing.

[Foreign Affairs] Royal Villa to Host Signing

According to an announcement from the Foreign Affairs division, the signing ceremony is to be held at the royal villa. The ceremony is slated for the end of the month, and the army appears to be ramping up its security operations in preparation for the event.

[Breaking News] Earthquakes in Zeiss

Early yesterday there was an earthquake reported in the vicinity of the Wolf Fort. The quake was of short duration. No damage was reported.

【特集】あわや大乱闘!? 過熱する市長選





◆深刻さを増す対立 両候補は歩み寄りを◆







【社会】不戦条約 平和の誓いはエルベ離宮で