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[Special] Earthquakes Over

◆ Zeiss Stops Shaking◆

The earthquakes plaguing Zeiss have finally ended, it seems. The Wolf Fort incident mentioned in our previous edition was only the beginning. The City of Zeiss, Sanktheim Gate, and Leiston Fortress were all hit by quakes as well, causing distress in the region.

◆Sudden 'Declaration of Safety'◆
Liberl News Insert Sky SC 926 - Chief Murdock.png

However, not long after the earthquake at Leiston Fortress, a declaration of safety was issued by the Central Factory's Chief Murdock. Some concern was expressed at the statement, but as a practical matter there have been no earthquakes since. How such a declaration of safety is possible was explained by Chief Murdock. 'We determined that the earthquakes were being caused by special circumstances,' he clarified. These earthquakes, it seems, were being caused by underground septium veins, and that after analysis it was possible to state accurately when they had ended. The declaration also emphasized disaster preparedness for future incidents, however.

[Technology] New Model Engine- Finally Complete!
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The new model orbal engine from the Central Factory is at last completed and has been revealed to the press. This engine was specifically designed for the cruiser 'Arseille,' and has higher output, as well as streamlined maintenance for field repairs. The new engine will increase the Arseille's cruising speed to 3200 selge/hr, over 4x the speed of an airliner, making it the fastest ship in the world.

[Foreign Affairs] New Engines Drive Peace

Samples of the new model engines referred to in our previous article are to be presented to both the Empire and Republic as tokens of the peace represented by this pact.

These engines are said to be the key to next-generation flight and such technological exchange is the promise made to those who promise to uphold the harmony between nations. Much is expected from Liberl's ace in negotiations.

[Society] Elmo Hot Springs Get Hot Hot Hot!
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In the earthquake-struck Zeiss region, even Elmo Village felt the wrath of nature. Following a quake, their hot springs began boiling. The phenomenon ceased after a few hours, but it's thought to be related to some form of underground abnormality. After investigating, the Bracer Guild issued a statement that it was temporary with 'no likelihood of reoccurrence.' A possible connection to the quakes will be investigated by the Central Factory at a later date.

【特集】ツァイス中央工房長 地震の終息を宣言

◆ツァイスの群発地震 ようやく終息◆






【技術】新型エンジン ついに完成!
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【社会】エルモ温泉 一時沸騰状態に