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[Special] The Intelligence Division Resurfaces!

◆Former Captain Amalthea Captured◆

Liberl News Insert Sky SC 930 - Captain Amalthea.png

Remnants of the former I.D. unit once again shook the capital. Rising up in the harbor block, they took Duke Dunan captive and began an assault on the castle. However, after a tense battle involving bracers and the Royal Guard, their rampage was halted, the duke rescued, and all involved were arrested. Following Amalthea's capture, all central coup d'etat members have now been secured.

◆Biding Their Time◆

According to the Bracer Guild's investigation, after the coup d'etat former captain Amalthea's group had been in hiding in the abandoned Ravennue Mine. Seeing the duke's release from house arrest as an opportunity, they rose up again and returned to the capital.

◆Fox Falls to the Falcon◆

The former captain's force set off and set their plan in motion by activating a tank they had developed in secret before the coup d'etat. In order to use the tank in their plans, the former I.D. unit needed a high-output orbal engine, such as a new model developed for the Arseille. Amalthea, a.k.a. 'The Fox,' executed a successful plan to steal one of the new models from the harbor, and their uprising was well underway before a joint force of bracers and Royal Guard managed to avert disaster.

◆Giant Shadow Sighted - Related to the Case?◆

On the night of the I.D. incident, several persons reported seeing a giant shadow fly off from the harbor. As it's currently under investigation, the Liberl News was unable to obtain any meaningful info regarding it.

[Foreign Affairs] Pact Signing Ceremony Nears

A historic day approaches tomorrow. Guests from all over the continent have been arriving, and security preparations at the royal villa are complete. The weather for the day of the signing is forecast to be beautiful. The stage for peace is set. May the Goddess bless this event.

[Society] Threat Letter - Crime of Pleasure?

Threat letters were delivered to a number of organizations related to the pact, including the Liberl News. While a connection to the Intelligence Division was suspected for a time, as there were no specific damages, it is being viewed as nothing but a crime of pleasure.

[Society] Capua Sky Bandits Steal Own Airship!

The sky bandits, the gang which rocked the world with the Linde case, have reappeared after their escape during the coup d'etat. In a daring move the bandits infiltrated their old base in the Nebel Valley (currently used by the Royal Army), and stole back their airship, the Bobcat. The Royal Army is once again in pursuit of these slippery criminals.

【特集】情報部残党 王都で再決起を目論む!

◆カノーネ元大尉逮捕 人質の公爵もご無事◆





◆潜伏 そして再決起◆


◆周到な計画 戦車までも用意◆


◆目撃された巨大な影 事件との関連は?◆


【外交】いよいよ明日 不戦条約調印式


【社会】脅迫状事件 愉快犯の犯行か


【社会】カプア空賊団 自らの飛行艇を強奪!