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[Special] Non-Aggression Pact Signed

◆The Pledge of Three Nations◆
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It was a signing ceremony to remember. Under the watch of neutral party Archbishop Currant, Queen Alicia opened the proceedings with an oath of non-aggression. The representatives from the Empire and Republic affirmed their participation and became signatories. The pact now complete, the three nations have been brought to a new beginning thanks to the efforts of the queen.

◆International Interest High◆

While the Imperial emperor and President Rocksmith of the Republic were unable to attend, VIPs from each nation assembled in the hall, showing again how muattention this pact has drawn. Foreign news agencies also gathered, and this most international of affairs was christened with a storm of camera flashes.

◆New Engine Samples Provided◆

As a crucial component of the pact, samples of the new model engine were also provided to the representatives of the Empire and Republic. The queen extended her wishes for cooperation and again reaffirmed her stance that technology was something to share, not monopolize.

◆Future of the Three Nations◆

Voices of doubt remain that question the practical effectiveness of the non-aggression pact, but as our column has pointed out before, the value of the pact lies in the chance for meaningful conversation that it creates. Skeptics would point out that there are many valid excuses for breaking the pact. But, while this is certainly a possibility, what should be focused on is the path to peace that lies before us now thanks to the opportunity created today.

[Society] Rolent Region Covered in Fog

Starting yesterday morning and continuing throughout the evening, the Rolent region has been shrouded in a deep fog never before experienced in the area. The unusual weather has grounded flights and made travel within the region nearly impossible. Residents and experts alike are scratching their heads at the severity of the mist.

【特集】3ヶ国の不戦条約 ついに調印

◆不戦条約 調印の瞬間◆