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Liberl News - Issue 8

[Special] Operation: Dragon Capture

◆Dragon Leaves Liberl's Borders◆

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The dragon that appeared suddenly in Bose and caused damage to the region has been confirmed by the Royal Army as having left the borders following a failed plan to capture the creature. The border garrison is continuing patrols, but no further sightings have been reported since then.

The Liberl News is following developments closely as we report from the front line.

◆Full Details of the Capture Operation◆

The day after the dragon appeared, the Royal Army immediately enacted a plan to capture the dragon. Enforcing the 'capture' portion of the plan was Queen Alicia, whose respect for the holy creature shaped an operation using airships and tranquilizers to neutralize the threat by driving it to Valleria Lake and subduing it. Included in the operation was the Arseille, loaded with its new engine, plus bracer observers and your trusty Liberl News reporters.

◆The Failed First Capture Operation◆

Liberl News Insert Sky SC 935 - Dragon Fall.png

After some time on standby, information came in that the dragon had been sighted above the Malga Mine. General Morgan ordered the operation to begin immediately. Employing skillful aerial maneuvers, the signature of the Royal Army, the airships chased the dragon to above Valleria Lake and shot it with tranquilizers. Unconscious, it fell into the lake. The plan initially seemed a success, but the legendary creature wasn't under for long and soon woke up, leaving behind the army airships meant to tow it to shore. The Army gave chase once again, but it was eventually lost on radar somewhere over the Nebel Valley.

The deep silence aboard the ship was only penetrated by the roar of the new engine echoing hollowly through it. The first operation with the full might of the air forces had failed.

◆Substitute Operation: Pursuit from the Ground◆

The operation believed to be perfect had ended in failure. However, the Royal Army immediately took to a new plan. The bracers who had been aboard as observers would pursue the dragon into the Nebel Valley. It was a decision that would immediately bear fruit, for, perhaps startled by the bracers' actions, the dragon once again took to the skies.

◆Dragon's Departure Confirmed◆

The dragon's reappearance was immediately noted by the royal forces, but the dragon only calmly flew out of Liberl airspace. In such a fashion, the case that had rocked the entire kingdom came to more or less an end.

◆Ancient Dragon - Possibility of Return?◆

Has the dragon truly departed? When asked about the possibility of a return, the Royal Army was unable to comment with any certainty. For the moment, they intend to enhance national air patrols and prepare for the unexpected.

[Society] Donations Pour In - 10,000,000 Mira!

Donations have been flooding in for the affected areas in the Bose region. Amongst them was an anonymous donation of a gold septium crystal (valued at 10,000,000 mira). Needless to say, those handling the rebuilding efforts were quite shocked.

[Society] Bose Market Reopens

One week after the dragon attack, the Bose Market is back in business following a frantic reconstruction effort. Under the guidance of Bose's Mayor Maybelle, local merchants came together to make this speedy recovery possible.

'It reminds me of how we came together after the Hundred Days War,' said one local man. It seems the spirit of Bose is alive and well.

リベール通信 第8号


◆古代竜 リベール領空外へ◆













◆果断即決の代替作戦 地上からの捜索◆



◆飛行艦隊 竜の離脱を確認◆


◆古代竜 再来の可能性は?◆

果たして古代竜は本当に立ち去ったのか? 再来の可能性について王国軍は「現時点では判断が難しい」と態度を保留している。当分は国境空域の哨戒活動を強化し、不測の事態に備える構えだ。

【社会】被災地に義援金 匿名で1000万ミラも