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Liberl News - Issue 9

[Special] The Royal Army Reborn

◆Reformation and Change◆

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The Royal Army, the same organization that in the past refused any cooperation with the Bracer Guild, is now engaging in joint tasks such as the recent dragon operation. It's clear from these recent efforts that fundamental change is happening, and Cassius Bright is serving as the central role and driving force behind this change.

◆Starting Point for Organizational Reform◆

In reforming the army, it's said that General Cassius has had one ideal in mind from the start. That ideal is the independent mobile force he commanded during the Hundred Days War. As indicated by the emphasis on independence, this unit was small in scale yet organized in a way that it could execute operations entirely on its own. Using the newly developed airships, these kinds of units were able to drive chaos into the Imperial lines by swinging behind them and dividing their troops. This maneuver is credited with turning around the war, and it was made possible by the small scale units and rigid cooperation between all branches of Liberl's forces. It's not hard to imagine that in General Cassius' thoughts these lessons weigh heavily.

◆Permeating Doctrine◆

The general's ideals are permeating through all branches of the Royal Army. The dragon operation serves as a good example. The Border Patrol, the Air Force... Regardless of each unit having their own chains of command, they were able to adapt to changes in the situation. On top of that, even after the operation failed, it's important to note that the commander present was able to request cooperation from the bracers, a move previously unheard of.

[Breaking News] 'Crimson Soldiers' Reported

From all across Liberl, eyewitness reports of 'unknown soldiers' wearing bright red armor are pouring in. Witnesses have taken to calling them 'crimson soldiers.' Some unconfirmed reports suggest they are using airships as well. The Royal Army is upping security, but recommends not being distracted by rumors.

[Breaking News] Royal Army Raises Alert Status

In response to reports of unidentified armed groups, Army headquarters has decided to raise the alert status. Distant military posts are reported to be shutting down passage on the roads in preparation for combat. Army HQ is observing the situation carefully, but also deploying troops from Leiston Fortress to all major cities. Information is difficult to confirm at this stage, but we urge our readers to remain calm and act responsibly.

リベール通信 第9号

【特集】新生王国軍 その変革に迫る





組織再編で中心的な役割を担ってきたカシウス准将に焦点を当て、改革の背景 と成果に迫った。






【速報】「紅蓮の兵士」 各地で目撃相次ぐ


【速報】王国軍 警戒態勢を一段階引き上げ