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The Liberl Orbalship Corporation (リベール飛行船公社) is responsible for both domestic and international passenger flights within Liberl. Its headquarters is established in the City of Grancel.


The corporation was founded by Liberlian businessman Saul John Holden in S.1175. After years of successful test flights with orbalships at the Zeiss Central Factory, the airliner Linde was commissioned as the first airliner dedicated to passenger flights.

In S.1177, a second airliner named Cecilia was commissioned. Whereas the Linde is operating clockwise from the City of Grancel, the Cecilia is operating counter-clockwise.


Official artwork of the Linde

The Cecilia on its way from the City of Grancel to the City of Rolent.

The Gretna during its transit from Calvard to the City of Grancel. Onboard Dorothy Hyatt can be seen.

The Calabria leaving the Grancel Landing Port

The fleet of the Liberl Orbalship Corporation currently consists of four orbalships: two for domestic flights and two for international flights. While it is unknown how the ships earned their names, it may be possible that they are named after princesses of the Liberlian Royal Family; Princess Cecilia von Auslese played an important role in the modernisation of Liberl.

  • Linde (リンデ号): domestic flights, clockwise
  • Cecilia (セシリア号): domestic flights, counter-clockwise
  • Gretna (グレトナ号): international flights between City of Grancel and Calvard
  • Calabria (カラブリア号): international flights between City of Grancel and Remiferia