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The Lighthouse Manual (灯台簡易マニュアル) is a book that can be found in Trails in the Sky SC, Chapter 1: "Sneaking Shadows" in Varenne Lighthouse during a sidequest.


Varenne Lighthouse - Simplified Orbment Manual

  • Configuration of the Control Device
    The layout of the lighthouse orbment control:
    1. Activation Switch: Set to ON to initiate beacon
    2. Orbal Amplitude Control: Adjust orbal levels
    3. Stabilizer: Stabilization mechanism
    4. Connection Quartz: Set to ON to activate beacon
  • How to Activate Lighthouse Beacon
    Set Activation Switch to ON, then set Connection Quartz to ON. The beacon should illuminate.
  • If you think, 'Is it broken?'...
    Please consult troubleshooting section below.
    *Read before contacting the central factory!
  • Troubleshooting
    1. The activation switch isn't flipping!
      Is the orbal amplitude set to LOW? It will not activate at a setting higher than LOW.
    2. It's telling me 'Output is zero'!
      If the stabilizer is set to higher than the orbal amplitude value, the resulting output will be zero and the orbment will stop.
    3. The output keeps dropping without any error!
      While there are multiple possible problems, the most likely cause is the stabilizer setting. As the gap between stabilizer setting and orbal amplitude grows, output becomes unstable and may drop randomly.
    4. I can't connect the quartz!
      Is the orbal amplitude set to HIGH? Connection will be refused at any setting besides HIGH.

*Warning - The contents of this manual may be changed at any time without notice. We thank you for your understanding.


  • 制御装置の構成
    1. 起動スイッチ……ONにすれば駆動します。
    2. 導力圧制御………導力圧の制御に用います。
    3. スタビライザ……駆動の安定化機構です。
    4. 結晶回路接続……ONで灯火が点灯します。
  • 灯火の点灯方法
  • 『故障かな?』と思ったら……
  • トラブルシューティング
    • 【起動スイッチが入らない!】
    • 【『出力がゼロです』と表示される!】
    • 【なにも言わずに勝手に落ちる!】
    • 【結晶回路に接続できない!】