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Limestone Cave (鍾乳洞) is a huge cave located on the Kaldia Cave Byroad.


Limestone Cave is a huge cave located near the Kaldia Cave Byroad. It is a huge blue cave filled with stalagmites and it is the only known location of Zemurian Moss.

The cave itself is filled with Penguin monsters and is home to the guardian of the cave.

Trails in the Sky FC and SC

Limestone Cave appears in Trails in the Sky FC being traversed by Estelle, Joshua, Tita and Zin. After Agate got hit by a neurotoxin at Carnelia Tower the group, on quest for a curative potion, the group goes to the Septian Church of Zeiss to ask the bishop's help who requests a piece of Zemurian Moss which is found in the Limestone Cave.

In Trails in the Sky SC the entrance to the Limestone Cave is closed off by the Royal Army due to safety measures.