Linde may also refer to the student.
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The Linde (リンデ号) is a passenger airship that runs in the Liberl region.


The Linde is a luxury passenger airship that operates mainly in the Liberl Region.

In S.1202, the Linde was hijacked by the Capua Sky Bandits mid-flight. After the initial hijacking, the ship was transported to Ravennue Mine. The passengers and crew were then moved and locked up in an ancient fortress located in Nebel Valley. The airship was left behind in the mine to be scavenged by the pirates, until it was discovered by Estelle Bright, Joshua Bright and Scherazard Harvey.

After a more thorough investigation, the sky pirate crew were arrested by Alan Richard and the Intelligence Division with most of the help coming from Estelle and co. After that incident, the Linde was taken for repairs and resumed operation some time after the Queen's Birthday Celebrations in that same year.



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