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Linde (リンデ) is a medical intern at the St. Ursula Medical College and an alumna of Thors Military Academy's Class IV.


During her time as a student at Thors Military Academy, Linde regularly fell victim to her twin sister Vivi's pranks. Vivi abuses their identical appearance to present herself as Linde and put her sister into awkward situations.

During the Erebonian Civil War, Linde takes up the duty of the Courageous' radio officer, handling communicating with the Imperial Army and Railway Military Police well.

After the civil war, Linde decided to pursue a medical career and enrolled at the St. Ursula Medical College in Crossbell. Eager to gain experience as a medical intern, Linde is forced to put her knowledge to practice when Heimdallr falls into disorder in S.1206. She looks after the wounded to the best of her abilities.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Linde Note (Sen) Year 1 Class IV (Art Club)
A polite girl who belongs to the Art Club. Somewhat timid, which leads to her being used by others.
Twin Sister
Vivi from the Gardening Club is her younger sister, and she is often a victim to Vivi's pranks.
As Vivi's older sister, she has the inner strength to protect her when it's needed.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Linde Note (Sen) Year 1 Class IV (Art Club)
A polite, timid girl who belongs to the Art Club. Has a twin sister called Vivi, whom she's always looking out for.
She was finally reunited with Vivi after worrying about her for so long, and now they are both helping on the Courageous.
Radio Officer
She's performing admirably as the ship's radio officer, handling communicating with the Imperial Army and RMP well.
Twin Heads
Both she and Vivi became heads of their respective clubs. Vivi seems to have no interest in quitting her pranks, though.

Trails of Cold Steel III

Linde Note (Sen III)
St. Ursula Medical College
A former schoolmate of Rean's who is currently training at St. Ursula to become a doctor. Vivi's twin sister and polar opposite.
Decided to become a doctor after seeing the horrors of the civil war. Became head of the branch campus' medical office.
Citizen Aid
As Heimdallr's streets fell to chaos, she was selflessly helping the injured, giving it her all like always.

Linde Note (Sen III)


Trails of Cold Steel III


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