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Lip Smacker Quarterly (季刊(きかん)舌鼓(したつづみ)) is a book that can be found in Trails from Zero in the Crossbell City Library.

When read, gives the recipe for Homemade Egg Pudding.


Lipsmacker Quarterly

★Dessert Special Edition!★

Although we publish quarterly in limited print runs, we have reached our tenth anniversary, thanks to all of our subscribers.

Now then, this special edition is about a simple dessert.

We present to you this homemade egg pudding recipe, a dish people of all ages can enjoy.

Please enjoy making it with your family. The recipe follows on the next page.

  1. Mix granulated sugar with a little less than two cups of water. Boil to make caramel.
  2. Mix eggs with the sugar. Add boiling milk and vanilla beans and mix to create the dough.
  3. Pour the dough and caramel into the pudding mold and bake.
  4. Let it cool, then remove from mold and serve.
  • If you use Armorican honey instead of sugar for the dough, you'll have a smoother result.

Enjoy this unique, homemade recipe!







  1. コップ2杯弱の水にグラニュー糖を混ぜて沸騰させカラメルを作る。
  2. 牛乳とバニラビーンズを入れ沸騰させたものと卵とグラニュー糖を混ぜたものをあわせ、生地を作る。
  3. バターを塗ったプリン型にカラメル・生地の順で注ぎ込んでしばらく焼く。
  4. 冷やして型からぬいたらできあがり。
  • 生地の砂糖の代わりにアルモリカ産のハチミツを使うと、より滑らかに仕上がります。