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This is the list of 26 unlockable achievements in the English PC release of Trails in the Sky the 3rd. They can be unlocked on Steam or GOG Galaxy. Hidden achievements are denoted with italics.

Name Description Notes
Achievement 1 (Sky 3rd).jpg The Gralsritter Complete the Prologue.
Achievement 2 (Sky 3rd).jpg Phantasma Complete Chapter 1.
Achievement 3 (Sky 3rd).jpg The Otherworldly Capital Complete Chapter 2.
Achievement 4 (Sky 3rd).jpg Golden Road, Silver Road Complete Chapter 3.
Achievement 5 (Sky 3rd).jpg The Dark Stigma Complete Chapter 4.
Achievement 6 (Sky 3rd).jpg Labyrinth of Shadows and Light Complete Chapter 5.
Achievement 7 (Sky 3rd).jpg The Guardians' Trials Complete Chapter 6.
Achievement 8 (Sky 3rd).jpg The Distant Flames Complete Chapter 7.
Achievement 9 (Sky 3rd).jpg The Future We Dream Of Complete Chapter 8.
Achievement 10 (Sky 3rd).jpg Starry-Eyed Complete all Star Doors.
Achievement 11 (Sky 3rd).jpg Honeymoon Complete all Moon Doors.
Achievement 12 (Sky 3rd).jpg Sunny Days Complete all Sun Doors.
Achievement 13 (Sky 3rd).jpg Farewell, My Nightmares Complete the Farewall Arena on Nightmare. Defeat Schwarzritter on Nightmare difficulty.
Achievement 14 (Sky 3rd).jpg You Know Too Much Complete "Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire?" Maniac mode.
Achievement 15 (Sky 3rd).jpg Minigame Madness Complete all minigames on any difficulty.
Achievement 16 (Sky 3rd).jpg Tempting Fate Defeat all Abyss fiends. Defeat the 4 fiends in the Abyss.
Achievement 17 (Sky 3rd).jpg Bookworm Read all of the books in the Garden. Read all of the books found in the Hermit's Garden during Chapters 1 through 6.
Achievement 18 (Sky 3rd).jpg Please Erase My Memories Read a book you wish you hadn't... View the event scene where the characters read From Fat to Fit by Gilbert Stein, found in the Hermit's Garden during Chapter 6.
Achievement 19 (Sky 3rd).jpg Fierce Fighter Obtain a special quartz from brave deeds. Get the Fire (Sora Quartz).png Mirror quartz from the fountain in the Hermit's Garden in the final chapter only after battling 300 times without fleeing in the playthrough.
Achievement 20 (Sky 3rd).jpg Flighty Fighter Obtain a special quartz from cowardly deeds. Get the Water (Sora Quartz).png Reflect quartz from the fountain in the Hermit's Garden in the final chapter only after fleeing 300 times in the playthrough.
Achievement 21 (Sky 3rd).jpg Easy Peasy Finish the game on Easy or above.
Achievement 22 (Sky 3rd).jpg Straight and Narrow Finish the game on Normal or above.
Achievement 23 (Sky 3rd).jpg Proud Powerhouse Finish the game on Hard or above.
Achievement 24 (Sky 3rd).jpg Only In Your Dreams Finish the game on Nightmare.
Achievement 25 (Sky 3rd).jpg The Dadliest Beat the ultimate opponent on the highest difficulty. Defeat Cassius Bright on Nightmare difficulty.
Achievement 26 (Sky 3rd).jpg Sidetracked Chest-Tracker Carefully examine nearly every chest that you come across before the final chapter.