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This is the list of 23 unlockable achievements in the English PC release of Trails in the Sky SC. They can be unlocked on Steam or GOG Galaxy. Hidden achievements are denoted with italics.

Name Description Notes
Achievement 1 (Sky SC).jpg Breakfast Safari Find "Bacon," "Eggs," and "Golden Toast."
Achievement 2 (Sky SC).jpg Odyssey of Anton Follow Anton across Liberl and complete his story.
Achievement 3 (Sky SC).jpg Baby, Come Back Leave no chest unmolested. View all 517 treasure chest messages.
Achievement 4 (Sky SC).jpg Master Fisher Conquer the aquatic denizens of Liberl.
Achievement 5 (Sky SC).jpg Master Chef Cook your way through the Recipe Book. Cook all 68 recipes.
Achievement 6 (Sky SC).jpg Doom Baker Kill 10 enemies with food. That's right. Food.
Achievement 7 (Sky SC).jpg League of Extraordinary Bracers Make it to the top of the class. Reach A-Rank by getting 380 of 382 BP in a single playthrough.
Achievement 8 (Sky SC).jpg Penguin de Samba Show those evil penguins who's boss.
Achievement 9 (Sky SC).jpg Ramblin' Gambler Read up on famous gamblers and win big at the casino.
Achievement 10 (Sky SC).jpg Blue Knight Read the entire Doll Knight series.
Achievement 11 (Sky SC).jpg That Damn Recipe Complete the "Nostalgic Recipe" quest.
Achievement 12 (Sky SC).jpg "Blorf" Gilbert is the best, but don't ever lose to him.
Achievement 13 (Sky SC).jpg Bounty Hunter Exterminate all wanted monsters.
Achievement 14 (Sky SC).jpg A Maiden's Resolve Complete the Prologue.
Achievement 15 (Sky SC).jpg Sneaking Shadows Complete Chapter 1.
Achievement 16 (Sky SC).jpg The Raging Land Complete Chapter 2.
Achievement 17 (Sky SC).jpg The Mad Tea Party Complete Chapter 3.
Achievement 18 (Sky SC).jpg The Mist Demon's Target Complete Chapter 4.
Achievement 19 (Sky SC).jpg That Which One Must Protect Complete Chapter 5.
Achievement 20 (Sky SC).jpg The Whereabouts of Bonds Complete Chapter 6.
Achievement 21 (Sky SC).jpg The Tetracyclic Towers Complete Chapter 7.
Achievement 22 (Sky SC).jpg Land of Chaos Complete Chapter 8.
Achievement 23 (Sky SC).jpg Trails in the Sky Finish the game.