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This is a list of books that can be found in Trails of Cold Steel III.

Book Entry Availability Location
Imperial Chronicle Issue 1 Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/16) Carniege, Leeves
Issue 2 Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/22) "Albion Garden", Saint-Arkh
Issue 3 Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell" (5/13) Student Cafetaria, Leeves
Issue 4 Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell" (5/20) Supply Team - Stark, Field Exercise Camp
Issue 5 Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" (6/10) Student Cafetaria, Leeves
Issue 6 Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" (6/17) Supply Team - Stark, Field Exercise Camp
Issue 7 Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/4) Student Cafetaria, Leeves
Issue 8 Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/15) Supply Team - Stark, Field Exercise Camp
Special Issue Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/17) Chris, Vainqueur Street, Heimdallr
Extra Issue Finale: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (7/18) Supply Team - Stark, Field Exercise Camp
Black Records The Gods of Creation (copy) Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/22) Cathedral Square, Saint-Arkh
The Dark Dragon (copy)
The War of the Lions Begins (copy)
Dreichels Takes Up Arms (copy)
The War Comes to an End (copy)
The Founding of Heimdallr Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/15) Chest, Heimdallr Underground
The Magic Knights Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell" (5/20) Chest, Ursula Byroad
The Lance Maiden Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" (6/17) Manista Bookstore (Kleist Mall), Ordis
The Lionheart Emperor Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell" (5/21) Red Pleroma location, Ursula Byroad
The Salt Pale Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" (6/18) Chest, Bryonia Island
The Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/23) Chest, North Sutherland Highway
Twilight Begins Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/17) Entrance 2F, Karel Imperial Villa
Heartless Edgar Autumn Dawn Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/16) Book & Goods - Carniege, Leeves
My Name Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/22)(Afternoon) Elma, (Apartments - Luna Crest, Saint-Arkh)
The Setting Sun Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/23) Sister Simone, Parm Chapel
Where The Fireflies Are Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell" (5/20) Reid, (Station Street, Crossbell City)
Reel Trust Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell" (5/21) Copin, (Boat Hut, East Crossbell Highway)
Things I Want To Protect Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" (6/17) Lady Elenore, (Hotel Ortensia, Ordis)
No Blood to Shed Chapter 3: "Beyond the Railways" (6/28) Annabelle, Auros Coastal Road
Don't Let Go Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/15) (Afternoon) Selly (at the bus stop, South Ostia Highway)
A Sleepless Dream Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/16) (Afternoon) Private Mikkel, (West Ostia Highway)
Heartless Edgar Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/17) Dorothee, (Leica District, Heimdallr, after Imperial Museum events)
The Immoral Hero Birth of a Hero Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/22) Albion Square (Cathedral Square, Saint-Arkh)
Adoration Twisted Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell" (5/20) Crossbell Times (Central Square, Crossbell City)
Successor Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" (6/17) Kleist Mall (Business District, Ordis)
Coby and the Mysterious Museum Coby Goes to the Museum Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/22) House (Noble District, Saint-Arkh)
Coby Encounters the Unknown Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" (6/16) Florald Mansion (Noble District, Ordis)
Coby Learns His Lesson Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/17) Bazaar (Sankt District, Heimdallr)
The Life of Tomatonio Tomatoes Leaving the Nest Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/16) House, Leeves
Tomatonio Falls Off the Vine Chapter 2: "Conflict in Crossbell" (5/20) Acacia Apartments (East Street, Crossbell City)
A Fitting End Chapter 4: "Radiant Heimdallr" (7/15) Apartments - Holy Flat (Vesta Street, Heimdallr)
Crossbell Province Tourist Information Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/15) Library, Thors Branch Campus
Marching Toward Dystopia Finale: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (7/18) Millia, Art & Cafe - Lucien, Heimdallr
The Northern War Chapter 3: "Pulse of Steel" (6/10) Library, Thors Branch Campus
Panzer Soldat Almanac (1206) Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/15) Library, Thors Branch Campus
Understanding Board Games Chapter 1: "Reunion" (4/15) Library, Thors Branch Campus