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This is a list of fish that can be caught in Trails into Reverie.

Name Dif.
Items Locations
Kasagin (Sen III).png
A small fish with shiny, silver scales. Very hearty and breeds in all types of places. Tastes good, and is known for teaching new fishermen the joy of the sport.
1 Mirage Sepith x8
Mirage Sepith x16
Mirage Sepith x24
Crossbell Harbor District
North Mainz Mountain Path 2
East Crossbell Highway 2
Snow Crab (Sen III).png
Snow Crab
A small crab with a grey shell. Often camouflages itself as a small rock in the shadows. Popular as an ingredient for the mellow stock it produces when boiled.
1 U-Material x1
U-Material x2
U-Material x3
Infinity Corridor - Garden
Michelam - Wharf
Ymir Canyon 1
Cangiru (Sen III).png
A deep-dwelling, dangerous carnivorous fish. Normally calm, but once it scents blood, it enters its prey's body through the wound and devours the heart.
2 Time Sepith x8
Time Sepith x16
Time Sepith x24
Infinity Corridor - Garden
Elm Lake Wetlands (2)
Crossbell Harbor District - South
Skygill (Sen III).png
Sky Gill
A small fish with blue stripes. Looks pretty but acts mean. If catching them for an aquarium, beware that they will fight and eat each other.
2 Water Sepith x8
Water Sepith x16
Water Sepith x24
Michelam Lake Beach
Armorica Road 1
East Crossbell Highway 3
Carp (Sen III).png
A freshwater fish known for its longevity. The longest-living one is over 100 years old. Although unconfirmed, rumors say some have been alive since the Middle Ages.
3 Tear Balm x1
Teara Balm x1
Tearal Balm x1
Knox Woodland 1
Saint Ursula Hospital
Old Battlefield - Underground Water System
Dreichels Plaza
Azelfish (Sen III).png
A small fish with starkly contrasting blues and whites. Popular as an aquarium fish for its beautiful looks. but is known to be weak and will die in an imperfect rearing environment.
3 S-Tablet x1
S-Tablet x2
Spirit Droplet x1
Infinity Corridor - Garden
Old Armorica Road 1
East Crossbell Highway 2
Red Perch (Sen III).png
Red Perch
A fish with bright red eyes and belly. While it has a simple flavor, its rich meat, if prepared correctly, makes gourmets groan with pleasure.
4 Fire Sepith x10
Fire Sepith x20
Fire Sepith x30
Infinity Corridor - Garden
Michelam Lake Beach
Mater Park
Tiger Arowana (Sen IV).png
Tiger Arowana
4 Earth Sepith x10
Time Sepith x20
Space Sepith x30
Elm Lake Wetlands 2
Saint Ursula Hospital
Old Armorica Road 1
Rockeater (Sen III).png
A fish with high intelligence that takes skill to catch. Swallows rocks to control its own buoyancy in shifting waters. Many who fish for it find amber gemstones amongst the rocks in its body.
5 Earth Sepith x10
Earth Sepith x20
Earth Sepith x30
Infinity Corridor - Garden
Mainz Mountain Path 2
Armorica Village
Puffer (Sen III).png
A venomous fish with a droll face. Very rare, valuable medicinal substances can be found within it.
5 Curia Balm x1
Curia Balm x2
Recuria Balm
West Crossbell Highway
Michelam - Wharf
Nord Highlands - North
Rainbow Trout (Sen III).png
Rainbow Trout
Depending on the angle of light, this fish appears rainbow colored. It stores sepith in its body, so if you catch a big one, it could be a rags-to-riches story indeed.
6 Seven-Element Sepith x4
Seven-Element Sepith x8
Seven-Element Sepith x12
West Crossbell Highway
Elm Lake Wetlands 2
Mainz Mountain Path 2
Cobrahead (Sen IV).png
6 Space Sepith x12
Space Sepith x24
Space Sepith x36
Infinity Corridor - Garden
Cobalt Crab (Sen III).png
Cobalt Crab
A crustacean colored bright blue. The shell is not only beautiful, but tough and friction-resistant as well. Said to be the second-worst-tasting thing ever, it should not be used in cooking.
7 Water Sepith x15
Water Sepith x30
Water Sepith x45
Infinity Corridor - Garden
Michelam Lake Beach
Mainz Mountain Path 2
Ancient Battlefield - Underground Waterway
Spiky Puffer (Sen III).png
Spiky Puffer
A subspecies of puffer with sharp protrusions all over its body. Inedible, it's regarded as a nuisance by fishermen, but crystalized amber can be harvested from the tips of its spines.
7 Fire Sepith x15
Fire Sepith x30
Power Droplet
Infinity Corridor - Garden (after 2nd Floor unlocked)
Noble Carp (Sen III).png
Noble Carp
A type of carp with a noble air about it. Sung of by bards in the Middle Ages and known all over the continent today. Prized as a phantom fish in some areas.
8 Reviving Balm x1
Celestial Balm x1
Vitality Droplet x1
St Ursula Medical College
Infinity Corridor - Garden
West Crossbell Highway
Knox Woodlands 1
Quicksilver Carp (Sen IV).png
Quicksilver Carp
8 U-Material x3
U-Material x6
U-Material x9
Infinity Corridor - Garden
Elm Lake Wetlands 1
Knox Woodlands 1
Forest Gill (Sen III).png
Forest Gill
Its name and appearance are similar to that of the Sky Gill, but they are not related at all. However, they are both ferocious and fight viciously if caught on the hook.
9 Wind Sepith x20
Wind Sepith x40
Wind Sepith x60
Lake Elm Wetlands 1
Lake Elm Wetlands 3
Pink Azelfish (Sen IV).png
Pink Azelfish
9 Sepith Mass x15
Sepith Mass x30
Brave Seed x1
Elm Lake Wetlands 1
Michelam Lake Beach
Elecantus (Sen IV).png
10 Shield potion x1
Shield potion II x1
Fortitude Droplet x1
Ursula Road 1
Michelam - Wharf
Gold Salmon (Sen III).png
Gold Salmon
A large, golden fish used as a symbol of wealth and luck throughout the ages. One theory suggests it is a mutation of a rockeater that ate gold.
10 Space Sepith x20
Space Sepith x40
Space Sepith x60
West Crossbell Highway
Northern Arowana (Sen IV).png
Northern Arowana
10 Mind Potion x1
Mind Potion II x1
Magic Droplet x1
Ursula Road 1
Marble Snakehead (Sen IV).png
Marbled Snakehead
10 Proxy Puppet x1
Emergency Puppet x1
Brave Seed x1
Ursula Road 1
Ursula Road 1
Blue Marlin (Sen III).png
Blue Marlin
A large, migratory fish known for being the fastest of any species. A rare catch that appears on many fishermen's bucket lists.
11 Action 1 x1
Action 2 x1
Action 3 x1
Infinity Corridor - Garden (after Final Chapter)
Glutton Shark (Sen IV).png
Glutton Shark
11 Tear Balm x1
Teara Balm x1
Tearal Balm x1
Auros Coastal Road 1
Auros Coastal Road 2
Pearlglass (Sen IV).png
11 Tear Balm x1
Teara Balm x1
Tearal Balm x1
Lake Elm Wetlands 1
Jewel Cancer (Hajimari).png
Jewel Cancer
12 All sepith x999 Ursula Road 2[Note 1]
  1. Can only be caught after catching the 25 prior types of fish