The following books are mentioned in the series but cannot be actually read.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

  • Azure Fragments
  • Cosmographica
  • Flamant's Nobility Annual
  • From Fat to Fit!! (by Gilbert Stein)
  • Ignorant Cults
  • Isthmian Tales (banned by the Septian Church)
  • The Kin of Vegarna
  • Liberlian Cuisine
  • The Man Without A Name, Vol. 4
  • Ored's Unspoiled Beauty

Zero no Kiseki

  • Easy Fish Dishes
  • Even a Cat Can Do It! How to Prepare a Delicious Cake

Trails of Cold Steel

  • Advanced Court Fencing
  • Analyzing Macroeconomics
  • The Art of Napping
  • Behind the War of the Lions
  • Big Book of Instruments
  • Brewing Amazing Coffee
  • Cats, Cats, Cats
  • The Empire's Hottest Spots
  • Erebonian Art History
  • Erebonian History in Pictures
  • Essence of Lacrosse
  • Expert Cookware
  • The Fancier Guide to Erebonian Opera and Painting
  • Imperial Horsemanship
  • Intermediate Chess
  • Legram Guidebook
  • Manly Munchies - Coffee
  • Manly Munchies - Sandwiches
  • Manly Munchies - Steak
  • Military Mania
  • Military Science: A Primer
  • Modern Art: The Complete Works
  • The Philosophy of Blade
  • Political Economics: A Primer
  • Relaxation Through Music
  • Swimming Strategies
  • A Teaching Primer
  • Touching Paintings
  • Topical Science
  • Traditional Archery
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