Story of the Seasoning is an hidden quest that occurs during the free day in Chapter 1: Unconventional Studies in Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is hidden and must be initiated by speaking with the client. The player can start the quest by talking to Fred at Kirshe's Cafe & Inn in Trista.

This quest is available after Old Schoolhouse Mystery I. This quest must be completed prior to returning to the Class VII Dormitory to end the day.


  1. Speak with Fred at Kirshe's Cafe & Inn in Trista.
  2. After the briefing, Speak with Nicholas in the Home Ec Room in the Main Building - 2F.
    • Character Note update for Nicholas.
  3. Speak with Ramsay in the Student Union Building.
  4. Return to Fred.


Stage Entry
Initial "Fred at Kirshe's told me that he's fresh out of the passion leaves he uses as seasoning and he needs them a.s.a.p. Nicholas is the head of the Cooking Club, maybe he has some to spare..."
1 After speaking with Nicholas:
  • Nicholas thinks there might be some in the cafeteria. It's worth a shot.
2 After speaking with Ramsay:
  • Once I've explained the situation, Ramsay was happy to give me some passion leaves. I need to get these to Fred!
3 After returning to Fred:
  • I gave Fred the seasoning he needed!

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