Thors' Seven Mysteries is an optional quest that occurs during the free day in Chapter 5: Signs and Omens of Trails of Cold Steel.


The quest is given to you automatically by the Student Council via your mailbox. The player can start the quest by speaking with Beryl at the Student Union Building at Thors Military Academy.

This quest must be completed prior to starting Old Schoolhouse Mystery V.


  1. Speak with Beryl at the Occult Research Society in the Student Union Building.
  2. Speak with Beryl again to learn about the Mysteries.
  3. Speak with the following (can be done in any order):
    • Hibelle at Trista Chapel.
    • Kenneth at the Campus Pond.
    • Clara in the Art Room of the Main Building.
    • Instructor Thomas in the Library.
    • Friedel in the Training Hall at the Gymnasium.
    • Lotte in front of the Upper Class Dormitory.
    • Paula at the Academy Field.
  4. Return to Beryl.


Stage Initial
Initial "Lately, the other girls have been going on about the seven mysteries of the academy. I desire this grim knowledge. If you do, too, visit the Occult Research Society clubroom in the Student Union building." --Beryl Year, Class III
1 After speaking with Beryl:
  • I agreed to ask people who might be familiar with the mysteries for more details. If there's anything that I'm not sure about, I should ask Beryl.
2 After speaking with Beryl again:
  • The first mystery is 'The Crying Sculpture.' Clara runs the Art Club, so she might know the truth behind it.
  • The second mystery is 'The Haunted Piano.' This one's a question for Hibelle, head of the Wind Orchestra.
  • The third mystery is 'The Forbidden Tome.' Nobody knows books like Instructor Thomas, so I should ask him about it.
  • The fourth mystery is 'The Hidden Graves.' Paula spends a lot of time on the field riding horses, so we should talk
  • The fifth mystery is 'The Sports Clubs' Grudge.' Friedel's the Fencing Club captain; she probably knows her screams...
  • The sixth mystery is 'The Crimson Devil of Lake Hell.' Kenneth's the guy to ask. His last name IS Lakelord, after all.
  • The seventh mystery is 'The Poltergeist in the Upper Class Dormitory.' The maids are there all day, so I should ask them.
3 After speaking with Clara:
  • Clara gave me some information on 'The Crying Sculpture.'
4 After speaking with Hibelle:
  • Hibelle gave me some information on 'The Haunted Piano.'
5 After speaking with Instructor Thomas:
  • Instructor Thomas gave me some information on 'The Forbidden Tome.'
6 After speaking with Paula:
  • Paula gave me some information on 'The Hidden Graves.'
7 After speaking with Friedel:
  • Friedel gave me some information on 'The Sports Clubs' Grudge.'
8 After speaking with Kenneth:
  • Kenneth gave me some information on 'The Crimson Devil of Lake Hell.'
9 After speaking with Lotte:
  • Lotte have [sic] me some information on 'The Poltergeist in the Upper Class Dormitory.'
10 After investigating all Mysteries:
  • I've gathered information on all seven mysteries. I should go tell Beryl everything I know.
11 After returning to Beryl:
  • I gave Beryl all the information I'd gathered. I'm curious what she meant be 'the real seven mysteries,' but it's probably safer if I don't even ask...