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This is a list of rewards obtained for completing various tasks in Trails from Zero.

Detective Rank

Earning Detective Points (DP) from completing quests increases Lloyd's Detective Class, granting rewards along the way.

Crossbell Police Department
Rank Rewards Available
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Bravery Badge STR+5/Prevents Seal 14th Class (16 DP)
Mirage (Crossbell Quartz).png Information See detailed information about enemies without analyzing. 13th Class (41 DP)
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Spirit Badge DEF+15/Prevents Faint 12th Class (56 DP)
Earth (Crossbell Quartz).png Septium Vein Increases all types of sepith dropped by enemies by 1-2. 11th Class (70 DP)
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Gladiator Headband CP Recovery Up 10th Class (89 DP)
Fire (Crossbell Quartz).png Strike Chance to critically strike +10%. 9th Class (110 DP)
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Justice Coin ACC+10%/Prevents Deathblows 8th Class (130 DP)
Earth (Crossbell Quartz).png Ingenuity EP slowly recovers by walking on the field. 7th Class (150 DP)
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Gladiator Belt Auto-CP Up 6th Class (197 DP)
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Grail Locket Prevents all ailments (except K.O.) 5th Class (224 DP)
Water (Crossbell Quartz).png Aquarius Gem Effectiveness of HP recovery arts is multiplied by 1.5. 4th Class (269 DP)
Boots (Crossbell Item).png Strega-P DEF+50/MOV+8 3rd Class (294 DP)
Armour (Crossbell Item).png Power Suit DEF+120/STR+20 2nd Class (324 DP)
Mirage (Crossbell Quartz).png Lunar Gem Absorb time, space, and mirage magic attacks. 1st Class (376 DP)

Fishing Rank

Speaking with Branch Manager Celdan with enough types of fish caught will increase Lloyd's Fishing Rank and grant him an item or privilege:

Fisherman's Guild - Crossbell Branch
Rank Rewards Available
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Straw Hat SPD+5 Hobbyist Fisher (4 types of fish)
Wind (Crossbell Quartz).png Hare Increases chance of escaping from battle by 50%. Professional Fisher (8 types of fish)
Time (Crossbell Quartz).png Luck Increases enemy item drop rate by 30%. 2nd Class Fisher (12 types of fish)
Bait Shop Deluxe Dumplings available for sale 1st Class Fisher (16 types of fish)
Fishing Rod (Crossbell Item).png Aqua Wizard
All bait available for sale
A tackle that transforms the user into a wizard on the water. Can use even the most ferocious fish as bait. Master Fisher (23 types of fish)
Accessory (Crossbell Item).png Divine Angler Emblem ACC+50% Divine Angler (24 types of fish)

Combat Notebook

Showing the Combat Notebook to Rebecca in the CPD will grant cumulative rewards depending on how many entries (partial or full) there are. The final reward is New Game+ exclusive.

Entries Reward
6 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material
21 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material
51 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material
71 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material
101 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material
121 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material
141 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material
161 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material
181 500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material, Key (Crossbell Item).png Divine Cloth
238 10500 Mira, Key (Crossbell Item).png U-Material, Key (Crossbell Item).png Divine Cloth


On the roof of the SSS building, Coppe the cat can be fed once per chapter. Depending on what fish (or cat food) is given, Coppe will give back a specific item. Feeding Coppe in every chapter (7 times total) will grant a Time (Crossbell Quartz).png Gemini Gem as additional reward.

Snow Crab
Mirage (Crossbell Quartz).png Mind 1
Armorican Carp
Wind (Crossbell Quartz).png Evade 1
Tiger Rockfish
Fire (Crossbell Quartz).png Attack 1
Earth (Crossbell Quartz).png Defense 1
Water (Crossbell Quartz).png Shield 1
Mirage (Crossbell Quartz).png EP 1
Water (Crossbell Quartz).png Mute
Space (Crossbell Quartz).png EP Cut 1
Rainbow Trout
Fire (Crossbell Quartz).png Strike
Time (Crossbell Quartz).png Impede 1
Earth (Crossbell Quartz).png Ingenuity
Time (Crossbell Quartz).png Action 1
Space (Crossbell Quartz).png Hit 1
Gluttonous Bass
Wind (Crossbell Quartz).png Move 1
Water (Crossbell Quartz).png Freeze
Fire (Crossbell Quartz).png Burn
Wind (Crossbell Quartz).png Blind
Queen Crab
Time (Crossbell Quartz).png Impede 2
Electric Eel
Space (Crossbell Quartz).png Range
Demon Catfish
Time (Crossbell Quartz).png Action 3
Arch Crab
Mirage (Crossbell Quartz).png Mind 3
Gold Salmon
Fire (Crossbell Quartz).png Invigorate
Noble Carp
Water (Crossbell Quartz).png Heal
Wind (Crossbell Quartz).png Scent
Cat Food
Food Ingredient (Crossbell Item).png Fish Fillet ×3

East Street Jizo

The Jizo statue in East Street accepts offerings of supreme dishes (cooked or purchased). One dish can be offered each time the area is visited, needing to exit and reenter the area each time. Each supreme dish can only be offered once. Offering supreme dishes grants rewards the next time the Jizo is visited, each one accompanied by a letter.

Offerings Reward Letter
2 Potion (Crossbell Item).png Tear Balm Though I know not who you are, I thank you for your kind offering. As thanks, please accept this small token of my appreciation.
6 Potion (Crossbell Item).png Tear Balm To you, who faithfully offers dishes, I give thanks. I believe the gracious Jizo is delighted to be visited by such kind, generous people. Though meager, please accept this token of my appreciation.
11 Potion (Crossbell Item).png Tear Balm I am merely one who clasps his hands in prayer to the statue every morning. I am jubilant to learn that there is another soul other than myself that communes with the great deity.
Though we have not directly met before, and despite not knowing your true nature, it is my belief that you remain faithful. Please, accept this small gift.
16 Potion (Crossbell Item).png Tear Balm To the one who offers bountiful food, I pray this letter reaches you. Each time I pass by the statue, I am touched by your kind heart and feel invigorated. Despite the strife that plagues Crossbell, I feel society will become brighter by the day if people like yourself continue to persist with kindness.
Thank you for the hope you bring. Though a meager gift, I hope you accept it.
22 Potion (Crossbell Item).png Tear Balm I see that you have come to continue offering the finest dishes to the Jizo under this bright and sunny sky. I picked up my writing brush while remembering your generous offerings of fine cuisine. Kind soul, I thank you for the constant warmth you spread across the land.
This is the extent of what I can offer you, but please accept this gift on my behalf.
24 Space (Crossbell Quartz).png Solar Gem To you, who has offered the great Jizo with unknown kindness, I give thee my sincerest thanks. While such a letter may seem crude, as a person whose heart is cleansed daily by our deeds, I could not help but take action. I assure you, these are my genuine feelings.
Though presumptuous to act on behalf of the great Jizo, I have prepared an offering of my gratitude. I pray that it will be of some use to you. I hope you will accept it.
~ From an anonymous neighbor

Extra Mode and New Game +

Completing the game and saving Clear Data will unlock a new option in the main menu: Extra Mode, where the player can unlock various bonuses using points earned from achievements. Some of these bonuses take effect when loading a previous Clear Data from Zero, which will also unlock a new quest and the B2 Sector of the Geofront.

Name Points Description
CHARACTER 500 Unlock the character menu!
VISUAL 300 Unlock the visual menu!
MOVIE 300 Unlock the movie menu!
EVENT 200 Unlock the event menu!
MINIGAME 200 Unlock playable minigames menu!
NG: Combat Notebook 100 Unlock in order to carry over the contents of the Combat Notebook.
NG: Recipe Notebook 100 Unlock in order to carry over dishes and ingredients in the Recipe Notebook.
NG: Fishing Notebook 100 Unlock in order to carry over the fish, bait and rods in the Fishing Notebook.
NG: Status 100 Unlock in order to carry over level and status.
NG: Mira & Sepith 200 Unlock in order to carry over mira, sepith and medals.
NG: Weapons 200 Unlock in order to carry over weapons.
NG: Armor 200 Unlock in order to carry over armor.
NG: Accessories 200 Unlock in order to carry over accessories.
NG: Quartz 200 Unlock in order to carry over quartz.
NG: Consumables 200 Unlock in order to carry over consumables.
NG: Back Alley Doctor Glenn 200 Unlock in order to carry over the book series, 'Back Alley Doctor Glenn.'
NG: Combo Craft Upgrades 200 Unlock in order to carry over the upgraded versions of your combo crafts.