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This is a list of script sizes for the Kiseki/Trails series.


It is hardly surprising that a series renowned for its lengthy tales and expansive world-building becomes the target of discussions regarding the size of its script. Original estimates without exact calculations to support the estimates with put the script sizes in a range between 1 to 5 million Japanese characters. The development of reverse-engineering compression methods used by Falcom for their games allows fans to examine the scripts in greater detail.


The calculations below result from a regular expression (regex) that encompasses all characters associated with the Japanese script (hiragana, full-width katakana, kanji, kanji radicals, half-width katakana, punctuation and symbols, miscellaneous symbols and characters, and full-width alphanumeric punctuation).[1] The calculation includes both furigana (reading aid) and the characters they represent the reading of. The calculation excludes ellipses.

The regular expression used for the calculation is as follows:



The target files of the calculation are exclusively the scenario files. These include all dialogues that happen in-game, including dialogues with NPCs. That means that text that appears in the notebook, such as collectable books, recipes and the monster guide, are excluded from the calculation. Weapons, items, Crafts and Arts descriptions are also excluded from the scenario calculation. The scenario files may also contain lines unused in the final version of the game and debug menus not accessible to players. In the case of The 3rd, the calculation also includes the majority of the Moon, Star and Sun Doors found throughout the world.

Note that these calculations are indicative and by no means definitive or absolute.


Kiseki series[]

Game Platform Characters[2] MB size[3]
Trails in the Sky FC PC 1,145,857 (+100,040) 2.68 (2.91)
Trails in the Sky SC PC 1,344,565 (+208,712) 3.17 (3.64)
Trails in the Sky the 3rd PC 547,750 (+345,526) 1.36 (2.18)
Trails from Zero PSP 1,337,103 (+138,124) 3.17 (3.50)
Trails to Azure PSP 1,546,533 (+216,008) 3.64 (4.20)
Trails of Cold Steel PS3 1,373,882[4] (+279,373) 3.28 (3.89)
Trails of Cold Steel II PS3 1,186,534[5] (+363,003) 2.83 (3.64)
Trails of Cold Steel III PS4 1,636,538[6] (+416,946)
Trails of Cold Steel IV PS4 2,541,725
Trails into Reverie PS4 1,607,311
Trails through Daybreak PS4 1,871,850 -
The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails PSP 334,097 0.82
Akatsuki no Kiseki PC 1,650,335(+1,629,142)[7][8] 5.43 (10.72)

Other Falcom games[]

Game Platform Characters (JP) MB Size
The Legend of Heroes III: White Witch PSP 467,713 1.38
The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermilion PSP 668,239
The Legend of Heroes V: Cagesong of the Ocean PSP 844,477 2.39
Tokyo Xanadu PSVita 845,555[9] 2.01


  1. For more information on regular expressions for Japanese, see:
  2. Japanese character count of the scenario. Other text, e.g. collectable books, recipes, monster guide, weapons, items, crafts and arts descriptions, are indicated in superscript. Includes repetitions from previous games, such as recurring book series.
  3. Size of the scenario in MB. In superscript the size of the scenario plus other text, e.g. collectable books, recipes, monster guide, weapons, items, crafts and arts descriptions.
  4. The scenario is split into two files, 'scena' and 'talk'; 'scena' counts 1,187,638 characters, 'talk' counts 186,244 characters.
  5. The scenario is split into two files, 'scena' and 'talk'; 'scena' counts 1,006,750 characters, 'talk' counts 179,784 characters.
  6. The scenario is split into two files, 'scena' and 'talk'; 'scena' counts 1,372,342 characters, 'talk' counts 264,196characters.
  7. Character count encompasses lines 1000001 through 1222577 minus the dialogue markers (「 and 」).
  8. Script version used is the 12 June 2024 version right before the game's service ended.
  9. The scenario is split into two files, 'scena' and 'talk'; 'scena' counts 714,812 characters, 'talk' counts 130,743 characters.