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Lloyd (ロイド) is a fisherman with the fisherman's guild.


Lloyd is a professional angler with the fisherman's guild in Grancel. He has spent 5 years chasing after the "Master of Valleria Lake," a large salmon.


Lloyd loves to fish and loves the idea of teaching people to fish.


Lloyd is a non-playable character in Trails in the Sky FC, Trails in the Sky SC and Trails in the Sky the 3rd.

Meeting Estelle and Joshua

Lloyd is first seen at Valleria Lakeshore trying to fish the 'Master of Valleria Lake' when Estelle and co. arrive to ask him about what he saw the night that he saw the Sky Pirates. Lloyd tells them everything that he knows and jokes that the two that he saw may've been ghosts. He then mentions that the two should be back tonight, and after Estelle an co. leave, Lloyd gets back to his fishing.

Queen's Birthday Celebration

During the Queen's Birthday Celebrations, Lloyd can be seen hanging out in the fisherman's guild hall. In most of his conversations with Estelle and Joshua, he laments that he cannot go fishing because all of the airships and checkpoints have been locked down in lieu of a terrorist attack,

After the Coup d'etat is thwarted, Lloyd can be seen celebrating that he can go fishing again.

Meeting Estelle Again

Lloyd is first seen in Trails in the Sky SC on the Linde with Estelle. Meeting up with Estelle again, they chat for a bit and he gives Estelle, a 'Progressive Rod' and a Fishing Guide. He then offers to teach her how to fish when they get to Ruan.

In Ruan, Estelle and her partner meet up with Lloyd in the Harbor part of Ruan. There he teaches Estelle how to fish and gives her some bait to fish with. He then leaves.

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