Loggins (ロギンス) is a second year student at Thors Military Academy's commoner Class IV ('03-'05). He is in the fencing club.


Loggins has a very short temper, actively getting angry and irritated, mostly at Patrick T. Hyarms who is a first year noble of the fencing club. He is quite protective of Alan whom is always put down by Patrick due to his skills not being as high a Patrick's. 

He is good friends with the captain of the club, Friedel, a noblewoman as well as the strongest second year in the academy. Loggins and Friedel make sure the first year club members are kind to each other.

Friedel seems to be the only one who can make Loggins flustered. She always brings up his first time at the fencing club when he talks badly about Patrick, making him stutter and look away.

Overtime, he sees Patrick grow kinder and more aware, which Loggins realizes he's not so bad after all.