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Longlai (龍來(ロンライ)) is a city in a region situated in a basin between the Tianshan (天山連峰) and Ishgal (イシュガル連峰) mountain ranges in Calvard.


Situated in the easternmost point of Calvard, Longlai serves as a gateway to East Zemuria. Together with its famous hotsprings and cultivation of tea herbs, it is a popular destination for many foreign tourists.[1] The desertification of East Zemuria, however, resulted in a decrease of tourism in Longlai.

Longlai's cityscape is made up of Eastern-style buildings only, giving it a unique atmosphere among places in Calvard. Unlike Crossbell City's East Street, it has a subtle and profound beauty that conveys its history through tranquility, evoking the aesthetic of wabi-sabi. It is famous among practicioners of the three Eastern martial arts schools: Taito, Kunlun and Gekka.


  • Hekizanrou (碧山楼(へきざんろう)), a high-end, traditional inn.


Trails into Reverie

Kuro no Kiseki


  • Longlai was first introduced in Trails of Cold Steel III as a region known for its green tea.[2]
  • Like Ymir, Longlai is known as a Hot Springs Paradise (温泉郷・龍來).[1]
  • The Kunlun Range (崑崙(コンロン)) has been visited by practioners of martial arts since antiquity.[1]


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