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The Lord of Phantasma (影の王) is an enigmatic masked figure that holds sway over the Phantasma subspace system, and the primary antagonist in Trails in the Sky the 3rd



The Lord of Phantasma is a tall robed figure with pale white skin and hands that end in purple talons. The robes themselves are long and long, and comprised of many layers of varying colours including black, white, purple and grey, featuring golden tassels, golden hems and white ruffles. Two large plated shoulder guards in black with red markings are present on each shoulder, both with large red and black horn like protrusions. The Lord of Phantasma wears a ever-smiling silver mask with empty eyes and tear markings. It also wears a black mitre with lilac side cloths to hide the rest of the head.


The Lord of Phantasma is as sadistic as it is enigmatic. It plays games with those trapped in Phantasma, speaking cryptically and eluding any details. It laughs at the suffering the heroes undertake and presents challenges of increasing difficulty as they progress through the planes. It expresses a desire to take over the real world outside of Phantasma. The Lord of Phantasma is manipulative and will not hesitate to play on traumatic memories or emotional weaknesses.


The Lord of Phantasma is a construct formed by the Recluse Cube's need for a power source following the disappearance of the Aureole. Copying, Kevin Graham's Stigma, the result was something powerful enough to oust the replica of Celeste D. Auslese administrating the system and take control. It was able to manifest in the real world briefly, and its powers were mostly limited to granting access to Phantasma and changing its internal structure.

The Lord of Phantasma styles its own appearance and the planes of Phantasma after the memories and guilt of those trapped within it- chiefly Kevin.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

The lord of Phantasma first appears subtly watching Kevin as he completes his mission on board the Lusitania. It later makes some other appearances in Grancel before finally appearing before Kevin in the harbour, where it draws him, Ries Argent and Gilbert Stein into Phantasma.

At the end of the first plane, The Lord of Phantasma appears and introduces the challenge set before Kevin- to progress through the seven planes and confront his guilt. To this end, the Lord of Phantasma has brought several others from the real world and trapped them within crystals, can summon replicas of other real-world figures such as the Schwarzritter, and can summon fiends and copies of the Seventy-Seven Devils from the religious texts. On the first plane he summons Bennu- the casket of sorrow.

The lord of Phantasma eventually reveals itself to be none other than Rufina Argent, a figure Kevin looked up to and blamed himself for the death of. Kevin is drawn into Gehenna (the seventh plane) but slowly comes to terms with what happened with help from Ries and rises to confront The Rufina in the final challenge, which is to face her in the castle Phantasmagoria outside the planes.

At the end of the castle, Kevin confronts Rufina and declares he knows the true identity is none other than the copy of his stigma. It then reveals itself as a red version and claims it will take over the reveal world if Phantasma is left unchecked. It transforms again into Anima Mundi, the soul of the world to face Kevin but is ultimately defeated and subjugated. With its destruction, the Recluse cube is left without a power source once more and begins to collapse.