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Lotte (ロッテ) is a maid working at the upper class dormitory at Thors Military Academy.



Lotte is a young woman with blonde hair tied into a braided bun and brown eyes. She wears a traditional maid's dress in black with white frills, apron and red cravat. She also wears a frilly headband in her hair and black shoes over tights.


Lotte is relatively inexperienced and worries about the students in her care, trying to be as helpful as possible and always do her best to serve. She feels a part of herself is missing when the students are away on holiday break and feels somewhat lonely when others are not around. She gradually gains confidence as she gains experience.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Lotte is introduced a novice maid working at the Thors Military Academy upper class dormitory in Trista. She is new to the job, and requests the aid of Rean Schwarzer to help bring her examples of various dishes so she can learn to cook more things. She provides assistance at the Thors Academy Festival and also helps the students to take cover when the October War breaks out.

During the war, Lotte remains at the academy, and is seen once again after Class VII liberate it from the Noble Alliance. Her cooking skills have developed significantly and she is now able to cook for the entire dormitory single-handedly. She gives the upper class students a feast to remember.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Lotte Note (Sen).png
Maid (Upper Class Dormitory)
A relatively plain maid who works at the upper class dormitory. Still very much in training.
She's currently trying to expand her cooking repertoire so she can serve a greater variety of food in the dorms.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Lotte Note (Sen).png
Maid (Upper Class Dormitory)
A relatively plain maid who works at the upper class dormitory. She seems to have gotten used to serving nobles now.
Despite how challenging she has found her job at times, she feels genuinely sad to see the second years graduate.
Final Feast
Her culinary skills have improved enough that she can handle making dinner for the dormitory alone.


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