Lunaria Nature Park is a large nature park located to the east of Celdic in Erebonia.


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Lunaria Nature Park is a large, preserved piece of forest area that's owned by the Albarea family. It is located to the east of Celdic and west of the Twin Dragons Bridge in Erebonia.

Lunaria Nature Park is home to both a variety of fruits, herbs and plants, and a variety of plant and primate type monsters. It is home to one of the last natural animism sites and as such holds artifacts related to animism. Lunaria Nature Park can also be accessed via the Spirit Paths.


In S.1204, Lunaria Nature Park was used as a hideout for a gang of thieves who were connected to a squad of corrupt soldiers. The hideout was eventually busted by Class VII and the crew was arrested by the Railway Military Police. After this, Lunaria Nature Park began to function as usual.

In S.1205, Lunaria Nature Park became closed down after the entire forest area was enveloped by the higher elements, empowering the local monsters, and making it too dangerous to trek into.


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