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The Lusitania (ルシタニア号) is the largest commercial passenger airship in use in Zemuria.


Lusitania on display

Stretching 150 Arge long, the Lusitania is regarded as the most luxurious airliner in Zemuria, stopping in five major Erebonian cities.

The Lusitania was made by the Reinford Group, specifically the 3rd Factory. A smaller scale replica of it can be found in the Reinford group's foyer in its headquarters in Roer.

Its cruising speed is approximately 700CE/h (while regular airships can travel 900CE/h). It is able to hold a thousand passengers. It is mentioned as having state of the art orbal engines.

The Lusitania features multiple decks and facilities. Accommodations include the large ballroom, observation deck, casino room, multiple guest rooms, library, and so on. The ballroom is used for the aristocrats' personal luxury such as holding masquerade parties and other events. The interior is lavishly furnished, with red carpeting chandeliers, and ornate furniture and features. The top suite features a concealed vault room. There are several maid staff on board the Lusitania to look after the passengers.

Wilhelm Ballad is mentioned to have invested heavily in its construction, making a fortune of over 10 million mira after selling his stake. It is mentioned its value dropped significantly after this had happened.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd

One of its stops during its maiden voyage in November S.1203 was Bareahard Airport. This is where Kevin Graham secretly embarked to carry out the retrieval of an artifact- The Fool's locket that allowed its bearer to tell lies convincingly.

After smoozing around on the ballroom floor, Kevin espies the security used on board- the Northern Jaegers. When he makes his move, he infiltrates the safe room and retrieves the locket, which sets off a ship-wide alarm. Kevin single handedly defeats several jaegars on his return to the ballroom where he is able to escape out the observation windows after smashing through them.

Trails of Cold Steel II

The Lusitania is mentioned by Alisa Reinford that it has been seized by the Noble Alliance, and is also the personal airship of Croire de Cayenne. What happened to it afterwards is not mentioned, but it can be assumed that it was taken from him along with the rest of his assets after the war.



  • Aboard the Lusitania, a portrait of the Gagharv can be seen.
  • Lusitania is the Latin name of modern-day Portugal. It's also the name of a ship that was sunk in WW1.