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The Lusitania (ルシタニア号) is the largest commercial passenger airship in use in Zemuria.

Trails in the Sky the 3rd


The Lusitania is introduced during its maiden voyage in November S.1203. Kevin Graham secretly embarked the ship during its stop in Bareahard Airport, mixing with the crowd until the host, Hermann Conrad, formally starts the party, giving the Gralsritter the chance to investigate.

Kevin makes his way to Conrad's private room, putting the guards to sleep with his Thaumaturgy. Inside the room, he manages to open the secret safe and retrieve the Fool's Locket, an artifact Conrad had been using that made his lies believable to anyone he told them. He sets off an alarm in the process, and after defeating the Northern Jaegers Conrad had hired for protection, he arrests Conrad and intimidates the rest of the jaegers into backing off before jumping out of the window and into his Merkabah.






Treasure Chests

Key Contents Chest Quote
1 Potion (Sora Item).png Teara Balm The treasure chest reveals itself to be a crafty mimic, and licks your
unsuspecting hand. Better break out the disinfectant.
2 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge The message: Remember, there is but one truth: Love is ETERNAL.
3 Potion (Sora Item).png Teara Balm Mmm. Pine fresh!
4 Potion (Sora Item).png EP Charge We need to talk.

Trails of Cold Steel I, II, III, and IV

The Lusitania is mentioned by Alisa after Irina Reinford cancels their meeting. A small scale replica of the ship can be seen in the Reinford Group's headquarters in Roer.

After the outbreak of the October War, the Lusitania has been seized by the Noble Alliance and made into the personal airship of Duke Cayenne. Wilhelm Ballad is mentioned to have invested heavily in its construction, making a fortune of over 10 million mira after selling his stake short before the war, dropping its value significantly afterwards. What happened to it after the war is not mentioned, but it can be assumed that it was taken from him along with the rest of his assets.


Lusitania on display

Stretching 150 arge long, making it the largest known airship at the time of its maiden flight, the Lusitania is regarded as the most luxurious airliner in Zemuria, stopping in five major Erebonian cities. The Lusitania was made by the Reinford Group's 3rd Factory.

Its cruising speed is approximately 700 SPH, lower than the 900 SPH of average airships, despite having state of the art orbal engines. The Lusitania features multiple decks and facilities, able to hold a thousand passengers. Accommodations include the large ballroom, observation deck, casino room, multiple guest rooms, library, and so on. The ballroom is used for the aristocrats' personal luxury such as holding masquerade parties and other events. The interior is lavishly furnished, with red carpeting chandeliers, and ornate furniture and features. The top suite features a concealed vault room. There are several maid staff on board the Lusitania to look after the passengers.



  • Aboard the Lusitania, a portrait of the Gagharv can be seen.
  • Lusitania is the Latin name of modern-day Portugal. It's also the name of a ship that was sunk in WW1.