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Magic Knights (魔煌兵(まこうへい)) are magic golems introduced in Trails of Cold Steel II.


Magic Knights are golems of frightful magic, created during the Dark Ages by the Mages of Erebonia[1] as a means to oppose the Deus-Excellion.[2] They are capable of moving completely autonomously and can be regarded as subdimensional armaments.[2] The mages were given the technology to create them by Black Alberich.[3]

Multiple types of Magic Knights have been constructed based on the prototype Ol-Gadia:[1] Ortheim, a type that wields swords in each of its four arms[Note 1]; Direwolf, a powerful type with swollen arms; Heavy Ruby, a heavy type wielding a giant battleaxe; Sigurheim, a type wielding a greatsword[Note 2]; Dyna Golem, wielding iron balls[Note 3]; and Izra-Lucier, a centaur-like type.[Note 4]

Unlike the Deus-Excellion, which require a pilot, a Magic Knight could be simply purchased with mira, making them invaluable to infuential families.[1] Its fundamental design flaw of being capable of movement only when the septium veins were being stimulated worked in its favour as opponents of the Deus-Excellion, whose manifestation were enough stimulate the septium veins.[1]

Magic Knights were taller than the Golems created by the Crossbellan alchemists and approximately the same size as Deus-Excellion.[Note 5]

List of Magic Knights

English Description Location Illustration
A magical golem from the Dark Ages that awoke from some unknown cause. Possesses great power. Eisengard Range
Monster - Magic Knight - Ortheim (sen2).png
A four-armed Magic Knight. Each arm holds a powerful sword, letting it cleave up enemies in an instant. Ymir Valley - End
Ortheim 2 (CS II PC).jpg
A Magic Knight with distinct swollen arms. Fights without a weapon, causing shockwaves by hitting the ground. Spirit Shrines
Monster - Magic Knight - Direwolf (sen2).png
Heavy Ruby
A heavy Magic Knight that wings a giant battleaxe with ease using limitless energy from its core. Spirit Shrines
Monster - Magic Knight - Heavy Ruby (sen2).png
A heavy Magic Knight that wields a giant battleaxe.Uses the unlimited power from its core to pulverize foes. Geofront
Heavy Ruby - Introduction (CS III).png
A four-armed black Magic

Knight. Summons lightning, and cuts foes apart with powerful charged slashes.

Spirit Shrines
Monster - Magic knight - Isra-Zeriel (sen2).png
Revived due to Lucifen Lied. Yet to regain the mana to stand, so uses what it has to fire beams of light. Infernal Castle
Ashurei (Sen II).png
A Magic Knight that slept within a hidden shrine. Uses barrier to block damage, and wields four swords. Glacia Shrine
Monster - Magic Knight - Isra-Zamiel.png
魔煌兵 ゼルスヘイム
A Magic Knight armed with a greatsword. It cuts with a speed that belies its size, cleaving through battalions. Geofront
Zelsheim - Introduction (CS III).png
Heavy Golem
魔煌兵 ヘヴィゴラム
A Magic Knight armed with an iron ball. Incredibly heavy, it can be used to crush opponents' weapons. Catacombs
Heavy Golem - Introduction (CS III).png
魔煌兵 アズラ=ルキエル
A centaur-like Magic Knight armed with two swords. It tramples enemies to death with its powerful legs. Catacombs
Azura-Luciel - Introduction (CS III).png
A Magic Knight that swings an iron ball on a chain with tremendous force. Few can survive its relentless attacks. East Crossbell Highway, Crossbell
Dyna Golem (Sen IV).jpg
Magic golem from the Dark Ages armed with a longsword. Pleroma Grass has heightened its power even further. South Sutherland Highway, Erebonia
Hamel Road, Erebonia
MON400 C00 (Sen IV Monster).png
Magic Knight imbued with ancient power. Dispatches foes with its sword, overpowering arts, or simply under hoof. Bryonia Island
Regus-Zamiel (Sen IV).jpg
Asura Paul
Working name for Magic Knight Ortheim and Ashurei. Does not appear in-game.


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  1. Ortheim's first appearance appeared in Trails of Cold Steel II was a type with two arms, wielding a sword in the right. It later re-appeared as a type with four arms, each holding a sword. Isra-Zeriel and Isra-Zamiel are based on Ortheim.
  2. Appears in Trails of Cold Steel III. Zelsheim is based on Sigurheim.
  3. Appears in Trails of Cold Steel III. Heavy Golem is based on Dyna Golem.
  4. Appears in Trails of Cold Steel III. Regus-Zamiel is based on Izra-Lucier.
  5. Ol-Gadia, the prototype for the Magic Knights, is "about 5 arge tall" and "slightly smaller" than the others.[1]