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Magical Girl Alisa (魔法少女まじかる☆アリサ) is fictional spin-off to the Trails of Cold Steel tetralogy starring Alisa Reinford as the main heroine.


Magical Alisa is first introduced into Trails of Cold Steel II as a DLC outfit alongside Demon Prince Rean. Another Falcom game, Tokyo Xanadu features Magical Alisa as an anime that exists within its own universe, with no apparent connection. Within this game, there is a smaller mini-game akin to Whack-a-mole featuring Magical Alisa.

The series features high-schooler Alisa and her two friends Laura and Emma who can transform into magical girls through use of the ARCUS. Alisa herself works in the McMonalds fast-food restaurant with co-worker Towa. She uses rainbow coloured love magic in her attacks along with her bow, Twinkle Star. The various members of Class VII attend the school, with Sara and Fie additionally belonging to allied villages of ninjas, destroyed by the Demon Army. Mona, a stuffed rabbit creature acts as their benefactor.

The series' antagonists are the forces of the Demon world, led by Alisa's 'nemesis', the Demon prince, whose presence is manifested after a small gem glows on Rean's hand. His underlings include Crow and Jusis as well as the forces of the Stahlritter (鉄鬼隊). Alisa main objective is to infiltrate the Demon World and save Rean's soul. Eventually they reach an understanding and the prince returns to his realm.

Trails into Reverie

Game Introduction in Trails into Reverie

The series makes a return as an additional mini-game in the Infinity Corridor. The death of the Demon King results in a change that causes the True Demon prince Rean to emerge and attack the real world once again after a change in character, shifting from wanting to reconcile with humanity to once again wanting to invade and conquer it. The trio confront him in the Demon World but are overcome by his incredible new strength. Rean summons Stahlritter members Ines and Ennea to finish them off but Alisa lets the other two escape by staying and buying time.

In episode I, underclassmen Musse and Juna espy a fleeing Alisa. They follow her to an abandoned warehouse where she is being chased by the servant of the Demon prince, Magical Darkness who is after the Prince's Mark, the dark jewel. Alisa can no longer transform and Juna takes the attack aimed at her. Juna and Musse prove to have the qualities of Magical girls and Alisa gives them the remnants of her power, allowing them to transform into Magical Juna and Magical Musse. Darkness creates a Phase space to battle them in, and after a long battle, in which Fie comes to assist, they defeat Magical Darkness. Darkness relates her motives and past, and eventually joins up with the magical girls to help come to the truth of Rean.

In episode II, the girls are out on patrol when they run into Duvalie, who steps on Mona, seemingly not realising that they are not a stuffed-toy. Darkness, now Allie, phones them to let them know of a Demon World incursion at the mall. They rush there to find Musse, who had been shopping, and that everyone has been put to sleep. The Stahlritter are present and are draining the mana from the people at the mall. Even a surprise attack from Musse isn't enough, and soon Allie must arrive to help, reacting to the ARCUS and becoming Magical Allie. They try to escape, but are only successful after battling through another phase space. Musse reveals she is secretly the manager of the shopping mall. They are joined by Emma and Laura. Emma attained greater powers after meeting a mysterious girl named Rose, and Laura was able to upscale her class by focusing on her Kendo training. After returning to the mall, they lure Ennea away by tricking her and teleporting her to a location where they cannot drain mana and are therefore weaker. the battle shifts to phase space and they battle again. Ennea and Ines start to power up by using the stolen Alisa's magic but Duvalie, the former head of the knights arrives to help stop them. Duvalie successfully gets through to them and convinces them the Demon World is not as it should be.

In the third and final episode, the girls and their allies get together to discuss an attack on the Demon World via three gates. The Stahlritter will engage the Eastern Division, Demon noble Jusis' army will engage the Western Division and 'C' and the New Demonic Liberation Front will take on the central front. The girls, now joined by a re-powered Alisa take on the remnants of the Demon Army to get to Rean. After a fierce battle, they defeat him and use the red and black gems to oust the 'Completely dark spirit' who has been controlling the Demon World's kings and bringing destruction. Rean reveals he was sent to the human world and did not develop enough magical power to be the perfect vessel for the spirit, under the plans laid by the old Demon king who was resisting the spirit's power. Rean only fell because cabinet minister Alberich's scheming. The three armies are defeated along with the dark spirit and the world returns to peace. Without the invading force , the worlds' balance is restored and the girls are drawn back to the real world, separated from the demon one. They thank Rean for the memories and Alisa exclaims she knows there is a world they can be together in.

Juna wakes up and it is apparently all a dream, but a mysterious Mona plushy she has no recollection of buying is present, and after she leaves, it shakes when the ARCUS glows pink.


The game takes a first person-Shooter/bullet hell approach which each of the main girls, Juna, Musse and Altina, along with Alisa having a different style of shot. Musse fires more powerful wider beams, Altina fires rapid fire small blasts in a stream and Juna and Alisa are in the middle. various enemies from the main game appear as foes with the Stahlritter, Sleipnir Vanguards and Aions appearing as bosses. The other girls appear as timed boosts or buffs that can be activated periodically. there are also special moves that can be activated once the meter is filled.