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Mainz, the Mining Village (鉱山町(鉱山町マインツ)マインツ) is a mining town in north Crossbell.


Most of the mining and rich septium resources Crossbell was originally known for came from Mainz. The main mine in the Mainz area that was used during this historical period in Crossbell is now referred to as the Old Mine.

Though the Old Mine was closed up, a new mine took its place with an entrance directly inside Mainz itself.

Despite Mainz's history of being an important resource for Crossbell, recent changes in Crossbell's business priorities has caused international attention to shift to trade and financing economics instead. This has led to a decline in Mainz's importance regarding Crossbell's national income.

Because Crossbell itself no longer invests in the mining industry, foreign nations now buy their septium directly from Mainz.

Trails from/to Zero and Azure

The Special Support Section visit Mainz on numerous ocasions during their many operations in the state.

There is a reported increase in the number of monsters which is affecting business in the area, fuelled by rival factions Heiyue and Revache. The path to Mainz also provides access to the Moon Temple which the SSS investigate. The mayor of Mainz asks the SS to track down a wayward miner who hates working in the mine and ahas taken his fortunes to the casino, where the use of a new drug, gnosis allows him to be improbably lucky.

Later, the village of Mainz is occupied an an unnamed military group, revealed to be the Red Constellation and the CGF are deployed to liberate them, with varying success. Randy Orlando heads off to Mainz alone, seeing the situation as his problem to deal with. He later states the force occupying Mainz was far too small compared with the information available and wonders where the remaining forces had disappeared to.

The Mainz mountain area is later the site of resistance against the forces proclaiming an independent Crossbell, with Mireille taking charge.

Trails into Reverie

Mainz is once again the base of resistance against Supreme Leader Rufus Albarea's forces. The CGF and police clash with the Black Guard at several locations along the area. Later, the civilians, led by Harold Hayworth join the fray and help to push the Black Guard back.


Mayor's House

  • Mayor Bickson and Anna (wife)

Der Ziegel Inn

  • Noma (owner)
  • Luka (waitress)
  • Felicia (daughter of successful Erebonian merchant) and Letina (maid)

Baeckerei General Store

  • Baeckerei (owner) and Kimmy (daughter)

Mainz - House 1

  • Mine Chief Hoffmann (father) and Miranda (wife)
  • Alec (son)

Mainz - House 2

  • Old Lady Bilma (mother)
  • Miner Rosie (son)
  • Amy (granddaughter)

Mainz - House 3

  • Miner Max and Lurieda (wife)


  • Miner Gantz
  • Miner Marlow
  • Miner Logy
  • Carlos



  • Mainz is also a town in Germany (popular for it's carnival, it's not a mining town there). Coincidentally, the word "meins" - which is pronounced the same as Mainz - means "mine" (possessive).
  • Baeckerei is the German word for "bakery" (when written "Bäckerei")
  • "Der Ziegel" is also German and means "the brick"