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Makarov (マカロフ) is a Thors Military Academy instructor who teaches orbal engineering and biology. He is the uncle of Mint.


Makarov is very easygoing teacher, not showing much emotion and is always looking carefree. The only one to challenge his lax personality is his clumsy niece, Mint, who can make him very irritated and lash out a little bit.

He seems to have feelings for Mary Altheim, the fine arts instructor at Thors. 


Prior to teaching at Thors, Makarov was the top of his class at the Roer Institute of Technology as well as graduated at the top at the Imperial Institute of Science. However, he resigned from his schooling in Roer and moved to an institute in Heimdallr after growing tired of being called 'Schmidt's Disciple' constantly.

After his graduation in Heimdallr, he landed a job at Thors Military Academy to get away from Roer as well as his old teacher, Professor Schmidt.

Character Notes

Trails of Cold Steel

Instructor Makarov
Makarov Note (Sen)
Instructor (Orbal and Natural Sciences)
Performs his job well, but always seems to find it tedious. Year 1, Class III student Mint is his niece.
Proud History
Graduated valedictorian from Roer Inst. of Technology, and then took up a position at the Imperial Institute of Science.

Trails of Cold Steel II

Instructor Makarov
Makarov Note (Sen)
Instructor (Orbal and Natural Sciences)
Mint's languid yet intelligent uncle. Used to be at the Imperial Institute of Science but left for unknown reasons.
Schmidt's Student
He left the Imperial Institute of Science after getting tired of being known as Prof. Schmidt's student.
True Feelings
Hearing that Instructor Mary may have to leave the academy, he realized that he really wants her to stay there.


Trails of Cold Steel I and II

Trails of Cold Steel IV


  • Makarov seems to be a bit afraid of his older sister, Vanilla.
  • Before going to Roer in Trails of Cold Steel, Chapter 6: "Progressive Chaos", Makarov reveals that he is originally from Roer.

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