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Makarov (マカロフ) is introduced as a Thors Military Academy instructor who teaches orbal engineering and biology. He is also Mint's uncle.



Makarov is a man approaching middle aged with an often sunken-looking expression, red eyes and dark blue hair which is usually messy and unkempt. Makarov often has a slouched posture, and maintains an unshaven appearance. He wears a yellow buttoned shirt, with a brown woollen sweater, khaki trousers and brown leather shoes. He wears a white labcoat with several pens in the top pocket.


Makarov is very easygoing teacher, appearing to show little emotion and is relatively carefree. He cannot stand his niece's clumsiness however and shows a varied array of emotions to her actions. His character is a laid-back and a mellow smoker who tends to stray from things that are likely a hassle to deal with. He tends to be unemotional with words while tolerating the nagging of his sister and niece do something that makes him happy. Yet despite his lax attitude, his deep feelings for fellow faculty staff member, Mary Altheim.

But despite his personal character flaws, Makarov is versatile in the battlefield when applying his engineering and Orbal Staff skills to use along with his analytical engineering mind. Besides performing High-Level Arts, his usual tactics involve analyzing the enemy's parameters while creating strategies to breach defenses.


Prior to teaching at Thors, Makarov was the top of his class at the Roer Institute of Technology as well as graduated at the top at the Imperial Institute of Science. He was G. Schmidt's second disciple. However, he resigned from his schooling in Roer and moved to an institute in Heimdallr after people kept calling him "Schmidt's Disciple" and all sorts of nonsense he just didn’t care about. Makarov eventually grew sick and tired of the absurdity, thus bailed out and landing a position as Thors's Engineer and Biology Instructor.

After his graduation in Heimdallr, he landed a job at Thors Military Academy to get away from Roer as well as his old teacher, Professor Schmidt. Mint enrolled in the academy in S.1204.

Trails of Cold Steel I and II[]

Makarov is teaching at Thors Military Academy, but shows varying levels of enthusiasm for his job. He is concerned about his niece Mint who has enrolled at the academy, and who seems determined to interfere in his personal life and set him up with fellow instructor Mary Altheim. Throughout the year he is constantly finding himself getting Mint out of trouble and pulled into her schemes. He explicitly says he does the minimum amount of work to not be fired from his position, and even asks Rean to bring him a magazine as a student council task.

Makarov is in charge of handing out one of the Lionheart medals: Valor which he gives to Rean after being told he has to do it before the end of the year.

When the Academy and Trista is attacked by the Noble Alliance and new Panzer Soldat units, Makarov joins the other instructors in holding them back. Makarov uses an orbal staff in battle and uses his engineering talents to figure out the Soldats have anti-arts shielding, which he then finds a way to circumvent.

Makarov liaises with Rean about the prospect of G. Schmidt working on a tachi for Valimar. The two escalate in tensions quickly and Makarov reveals how he worked with weapons development (including on the Tachi) with Schmidt and can't stand him. The Academy had also been forced to take the Combat Shells as well.

Trails of Cold Steel IV[]

Makarov was sent to Thors Branch Campus alongside Mary and most of the main campus students. He was entrusted with a key that allowed access to Einhel Keep. He first appeared before the branch campus' Class VII in a Hannibal-type Zauber Soldat. Like Mary, he also made use of a linked Sorge unit, and was happy to see Rean again, but challenged him to see how much he had grown. He also noticed Tita Russell, commenting on her being Schmidt's fourth disciple.

Upon being defeated, Makarov gave Rean the key to Einhel Keep. Once the situation at the branch campus was resolved, he left with the others on the Derfflinger. Makarov later went to Mishelam Wonderland, where he was speaking to Schmidt regarding the combat information network for the Wings of Light strategy. Mint then burst in with Mary's father on the phone, who wished to learn more about his relationship with her, causing him to worry even more.

Trails into Reverie[]

Mary's father, Hohen, remained unsatisfied with Makarov due to his apparent lack of suitability and readiness as he was waiting for "results" he was seeking. While working, he eventually comes to the terms that he has feelings for Mary and finishes his "results", the Tyrfing-class series of Panzer Soldats, creating two of them - a Tyrfing S for Rean and Tyrfing X for Crow. With everything out of the way, he finally proposes to Mary, who accepts.

Character Notes[]

Trails of Cold Steel[]

Instructor Makarov
Makarov Note (Sen)
Instructor (Orbal and Natural Sciences)
Performs his job well, but always seems to find it tedious. Year 1, Class III student Mint is his niece.
Proud History
Graduated valedictorian from Roer Inst. of Technology, and then took up a position at the Imperial Institute of Science.

Trails of Cold Steel II[]

Instructor Makarov
Makarov Note (Sen)
Instructor (Orbal and Natural Sciences)
Mint's languid yet intelligent uncle. Used to be at the Imperial Institute of Science but left for unknown reasons.
Schmidt's Student
He left the Imperial Institute of Science after getting tired of being known as Prof. Schmidt's student.
True Feelings
Hearing that Instructor Mary may have to leave the academy, he realized that he really wants her to stay there.

Trails into Reverie[]

Makarov Note (Hajimari)
The instructor for natural science and orbal studies at Thors, Professor Schmidt's second disciple, and a major talent in engineering research / development.
Capstone Project
Makarov, inspired by the concept of recreating the Divine Knights, designs the next-gen Tyrfing Soldat for his capstone project.
With the completion of his capstone project under Professor Schmidt, Makarov voices his love to Mary while proposing to her.

Makarov Note (Hajimari)


  • Before going to Roer in Trails of Cold Steel, Chapter 6: "Progressive Chaos", Makarov reveals that he is originally from Roer.